Now the Media Says Obtaining Voter Registration List is “Hacking”

They just think you are all as dumb as turtles.

NBC News:

The Trump administration has known for weeks that Iran and Russia had hacked local governments and obtained voter registration and other personal data, two U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

At a news conference Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray and National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe alleged that Iranian intelligence used the hacked information for a recent campaign of emails that purported to be from the white nationalist group the Proud Boys, which were sent to intimidate Florida Democratic voters. They added that Russia was also working to influence the election.

The two intelligence officials said that Iran’s intention wasn’t entirely clear but that one goal was to sow chaos and undermine confidence in the election. Both officials said it would hurt the Trump campaign if a white nationalist group was exposed as having sought to bully Democrats.

If they’re going to call Proud Boys “white nationalists,” they’re going to lie to you about anything else.

But it’s very easy to find the fact that in Alaska and Arizona, where these emails were allegedly sent, these records are publicly available on request.

That’s hacking now?

Do people who read NBC News agree that requesting a record and having it given to you is “hacking,” or are they lying and purposefully confusing their readers on purpose?

Because they can easily get away with the latter, because their readers are not very smart, and anyone who would push back against these narratives has been banned from the internet by the media.

That said, I don’t even think this story is true at all.