Now Only Six Months to Stop the Globe From Burning Up from Carbon Dioxide

We’re all so caught up in this coronavirus hoax that we might forget that we’ve got a bunch of other hoaxes still ongoing.

For example, we only have six months to stop eating meat and driving cars or the whole world is going to burn up.

That’s pure science, baby.

Best wise up.

Sky News:

Britain is failing to show “bold leadership” on climate change, according to the ecologist who drafted the historic Paris Agreement.

In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Andrew Higham says he believes the next six months are the most critical “in a generation” for tackling the climate emergency.

But he says despite setting itself the target of being net zero by 2050, Britain is not “leveraging the advantages it has” and needs to adopt a more “visionary” approach.

In 2015, nearly 200 countries signed the landmark Paris Agreement which aimed to limit global warming to well below 2C.

It was drafted by Andrew Higham, who went on to co-found Mission 2020, which stated among its goals that 2020 needs to be a turning point in dealing with the climate emergency.

The hope was that a major conference on climate change scheduled for this November and hosted by the UK would have been the pivotal moment of a defining year.

But that was before the world was devastated by coronavirus. Countries cut themselves off from one another and events which brought nations together got shelved.

The so-called Conference of the Parties – or COP26 – climate change conference, scheduled for Glasgow, was put back a year.

There was simply no way countries could be pressured to make meaningful decisions on global warming while fighting a killer virus and severe economic decline in their own backyards.

It brought the host nation more time, though some believe hosting the event wasn’t entirely altruistic for absolutely everybody involved.

On top of leading the charge to save the planet, one source told me some saw getting the COP gig as an opportunity to bring to life the concept of global Britain after Brexit.

Yes, all kinds of evil people are plotting to burn the planet up.

They need to get on board with the Saudis and the rest of the oil masters and start supporting massive taxes on gasoline.

It’s the only way. Otherwise, we’re just going to burn the hell up.

Watch out!