Now Kyrgyzstan is Also Rioting and Burning Down Government Buildings

Of course, former Soviet shitholes that you’ve never heard of are rioting and burning down their government buildings.

Because of course that is happening.


The White House in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has caught fire, with videos showing black smoke billowing from its facade. The blaze broke out shortly after it was stormed by protesters, who alleged fraud in the parliamentary elections.

Footage has emerged showing the building, which is the seat of both presidential and parliamentary powers, as it was consumed by flames overnight into Tuesday.

The fire has enveloped several floors of the 7-story building, and plumes of thick black smoke could be seen swirling in the air. Fire crews were seen arriving at the scene.

The blaze ignited shortly after the government headquarters were taken over by protesters, denouncing this weekend’s parliamentary election as stolen and accusing the government of vote-buying and intimidation.

The protesters demanded the results of the vote – which showed only four parties passing the 7-percent threshold, two of them considered pro-government – be annulled and that new elections take place.

The Birimdik (Unity) party, which is considered pro-government and which racked up the biggest share of votes on Sunday (24.52 percent), announced that it’s ready to take part in a repeat of the parliamentary vote. Asylbek Jeenbekov, the younger brother of incumbent President Sooronbay Jeenbekov, is a Birimdik member.

While Birimdik called on other three parties, which are poised to enter the parliament, to follow its lead and pledge to take part in the new elections, that did not placate the supporters of the losing opposition parties who hit the streets. A total of 16 parties took part in the Sunday vote, vying for 120 parliamentary seats.

Shortly after storming the White House, protesters freed former Kyrgyz president Almazbek Atambayev, sentenced to 11 years for corruption, as well as his former chief of staff and ex-PM Sapar Isakov, who was serving a lengthy prison sentence on an array of corruption and embezzlement charges.

Do you know where Kyrgyzstan is?

I do!

Now you do too.

People live in yurts.

Except no, they don’t really live in yurts. They live in shitty Soviet cement blocks.

I’m sure they’re mad about something.

Isn’t everyone these days?

So this could be the place where World War III pops off.

It probably won’t be, but it absolutely could be.

Because I promise you: whatever starts WWIII is going to be stupid. Totally, completely stupid.