Now Infamous NPI Sieg Heil Pic is of Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2016

So, when I saw this picture from NPI – originally tweeted by Tila Tequlia and now circulating through the entire media:


I was just like “yeah, wow, that guy on the left sure looks like a Jew…”

And lookie here what Ghoul dug up…

Yes, that is the guy with the glasses outside of NPI smoking on the sidewalk with another guy, telling someone they are Jews and they came to NPI to investigate.

Off camera, someone asks “so what are you doing at NPI?”

The one with the glasses then says, “we’re Jews, we’re just here to see what it’s like … we are Jews. I’m not kidding, we are Jews and we’re here to see what it’s like.”

The second Jew then says “like it’s not really right for you to like hate on Jews that want to go check out what this thing is like,” he then sees someone filming and says, “hey don’t film this, cuz I’m Jewish and I wanna see what this thing is like on the inside.”

So: how very interesting that the fact which is been blasted across the media as representing this Nazi conference is in fact a Jew Ratface.

I’m not even against throwing up Roman salutes at these conferences, and in fact find it hilarious. What I am against is having a Jew Ratface (and an Asian pornstar) as the face of the face of neo-Nazism.

If Spencer is now going to be a representative of the neo-Nazi agenda, he needs to tighten-up his ship. The last thing we need is the world believing that neo-Nazis are just a bunch of kikes and gooks.

At future NPI conferences, Spencer needs to issue a blanket ban on the Hebrew people.


The Jew in the picture allegedly posted in the comments section of this article:

I am the guy on the left, the half-Jew whose face was all over the news. I went to the conference as a legitimate attendee, we played the victim hierarchy back at the antifa kids so we could smoke in peace and not get photographs. I fucked up, I’m not controlled op trust me I did not want my face all over the country. I understand Jewish exclusion. Here is my official statement to the Alt-Right, not the MSM

It seems to probably be him.

So, there’s that.

Also, Ghoul removed the video, probably because of this. Dunno, haven’t talked to him.