Notre Dame Rector Says “Computer Glitch” Likely Caused the Fire, Police Say Maybe Short-Circuit Did It

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

The Gargoyles know.

Notre Dame’s rector says that a computer glitch caused the fire, and that makes sense because we all know about these computer glitches that randomly start fires. There’s also computer glitches that cause human-like figures to appear on video recordings lighting fires. Don’t forget about those.

The good thing about this being caused by a glitch is that glitches are difficult to troubleshoot, so no one will really get the blame and multicultural France will continue to strengthen itself with diversity — and strength is exactly what France needs after this tragedy.


A “computer glitch” may have been behind the fast-spreading fire that ravaged Notre Dame, the cathedral’s rector said Friday, as architects and construction workers tried to figure out how to stabilize the damaged structure and protect it from the elements.

The fire burned through the lattice of enormous oak beams supporting the monument’s vaulted stone ceiling, dangerously weakening the building. The surrounding neighborhood has been blocked off, and stones have continued to tumble off the sides of the cathedral since Monday evening’s devastating blaze.

Speaking during a meeting of local business owners, rector Patrick Chauvet did not elaborate on the exact nature of the glitch, adding that “we may find out what happened in two or three months.”

In two or three months they’ll probably just say “yeah it was caused by a glitch lol” and move onto the next diversity tragedy.

On Thursday, Paris police investigators said they think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire.

The Parisien newspaper has reported that investigators are considering whether the fire could be linked to a computer glitch or related to temporary elevators used in the renovation that was underway at the time the cathedral caught fire. Chauvet said there were fire alarms throughout the building, which he described as “well protected.”

They’re obviously going for a “no one to blame, happened at random” explanation here, but authorities saying it’s all just a coincidence is not likely to satisfy the French people. Especially not the ones who witnessed Moslems cheering at the sight of Notre Dame burning.

Fire-starting computer glitches and short-circuits happening in Notre Dame at a time when churches in France experience unprecedented vandalism and when cities are flooded with Moslems that couldn’t be happier when our people suffer is quite the random occurrence.

But here’s a funny thing to cheer you up.


An association of Polish rabbis says that they are “broken hearted” over the damage inflicted by fire on Notre Dame Cathedral.

In a letter sent on Thursday to Polish bishops, they said “We as Jews know what it means to see your house of worship burning. We still fast every year on the anniversary of the burning of the Temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. We, here in Poland, also remember the burning and destructions of our synagogues during WWII.

The rabbis went on to say that “these experiences have made us very sensitive and aware of the pain and horror of the destruction of any house of worship.”

See, Jews can’t help but make everything about themselves. Even when they’re supposed to talk about a current tragedy that happened to non-Jews, they talk about alleged tragedies that happened to Jews to remind you that actually they’re the real victims here and that you’re just experiencing a tiny insignificant bit of their pain.

Don’t forget the six trillion, the hollowcost and that time someone asked “why are Jews even in our countries though?”