Notre Dame Hammer Terrorist was Award Winning Journalist in Sweden

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2017

The racist bullet is stronger than the hammer of social justice

Captain Sweden is so proud of how well this New Swede integrated, but at the same time heartbroken of the racist French police who shot him for no reason out of sheer hate.

The terrorist who attacked police officers with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday was previously given an award by the European Union for writing an article in which he complained about racism against migrants.

No matter how you look at it, it all comes back to racism and lack of education.

The Algerian jihadist cried “this is for Syria,” before he bashed an officer over the head with the hammer yesterday before being shot by police. The man was found to have two kitchen knives and “other unsophisticated weapons” in his possession.

It subsequently emerged that the culprit, named as 40-year-old Farid Ikken, had lived in Sweden working as a journalist and received an “EU Commission’s National Journalist Prize Against Discrimination” award for a report in which he discussed alleged racism towards migrants.

40-year-old Algerian?

But the mainstream media told me they waz keedz from Syria.

Was that a lie?

In other words, a terrorist who literally tried to bludgeon people to death with a hammer was partly motivated by his anger about political correctness not being followed.

Many on the left would probably respond by insisting that this was a reasonable grievance and that the terror attack was justified.

The article also dealt with “asylum seekers who are not entitled to medical care and who are therefore forced to seek medical care, as well as healthcare staff and others who still provide healthcare to asylum seekers,” the European Commission wrote in a statement.


Confounding the lazy stereotype that Muslim terrorists are usually poverty-stricken with little or no education,

Ikken had obtained a Masters degree while living in Sweden.

According to reports, he also made a video before carrying out the attack in which he swore allegiance to ISIS.

Considering how universities in the western world have degenerated, I would’ve been more impressed if he managed to get through fifth grade in Poland.