#NotMyBro: Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack – Her Fat Mother Must be Made to Answer for This Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2017

We are being told that the disgusting communist slob Heather Heyer was “murdered” by race car driver and upstanding gentleman James Fields.

In actual fact, Heyer’s own fat mother, Susan Bro, has admitted that she died of a heart attack.

An interview was aired on NBC on August 19th – and we are just discovering it now – where the scamming old tramp spelled it out in plain – although somewhat garbled – English.

Mama Fat said:

I know that those who are evil are going to rejoice in my grief and I understand that. That’s their issue. Karma’s a you-know-what. So um. I’m just grieving my child. She died pretty instantly. She didn’t suffer. She didn’t suffer. She died of a heart attack right away at the scene. They revived her briefly and – not consciously, just got her heart beating and then her heart just died. So I don’t feel like she suffered. That’s been a blessing. That’s been a real blessing.

There you have it.

We wanted an autopsy – instead we got an admission straight from mama piggy’s mouth.

I said from the beginning: “it’s most likely she died of a heart attack.”

Currently, we don’t even know if the cow Heyer even got hit by a car.

A lot of people like this nigga here got straight-up plowed.

And walked away like “dat ain’t no thang.”

There are two fatties, but Heyer is apparently not the one in teal – instead, she might be the one in black in the bottom right of this photo:

She just got a minor love-tap from the third car.

Again: she could have just had a heart attack from the shock of the sound of the crash, and not been bumped at all. The fact that the media won’t even identify her in the pictures indicates that this is very likely the case.

But whatever the case, you cannot be charged with “murder” for doing something that gives another person a heart attack.

Earlier this year, a Singaporian man had a heart attack after catching a rare Pokemon – do we charge Pikachu with murder?

In case you didn’t notice, that was a rhetorical question – of course we are not going to charge Pikachu with murder. It was the man’s own fault for being unhealthy and putting too much stress on himself – just like it was Heather Heyer’s fault for being an unfathomably fat blob and deciding to go out on the streets and riot.

Heather’s fat mother Susan Bro is on a hate tour against white people now, attacking the very fabric of America.

Her whole message is “we have to destroy the white race, because my fat daughter had a heart attack while engaging in a terrorist riot.”

Just this week, the gurgling scam artist was on the Ellen Degenerate show.

You will notice watching this clip that this bitch is also stupid as all living fuck.

GET THIS BOMBSHELL: She admits on the show that their last conversation was about Heather filling out a life insurance policy!


The bitch even went to the MTV awards.

Here she is with fellow fatty Ke$ha.

Ke$ha claims she was gang-raped by kikes which caused her to blow-up like a hot-air balloon – that’s probably a lie (nearly 100% of rape accusations are lies), but at least it’s an excuse.

What is Susan Bro’s excuse?


She just likes trans fats and sugary beverages.

She also looks like MODOK.

A bulbous fat face in purple.

Dead Daughter is Profitable

Bro is not only gaining fame, but also fortune.

She got a quarter million dollars off of GoFundMe.

That’s a whole lot of White Castles.

I am sure now she’s working on a book deal, which will be on the Oprah list.

Meanwhile, an innocent man, James Fields, is rotting in a cell because she hoaxed that he was a “murderer.”

Plan of Action

We need to roll hard on this bitch.

We need to tell her what we think.

We need to TROLL STORM!

This is the fat face of diabolical evil:

She is getting rich off of her fat daughter’s death and trying to exterminate whites.

We need to confront her like we have confronted so many other enemies of our race.

Now it begins: the greatest troll storm in the history of tubes: #OpNotMyBro AKA Operation: You Ain’t My Bro, Bro.

The earth will shake.

We are going to confront her everywhere she goes. We are going to protest her home. We are going to demand that she stops lying about the events of Charlottesville, and tell the truth: her daughter’s death was her own fault, due to her poor eating habits. We are going to force her to apologize to whites and to apologize personally to James fields for accusing him of murdering her daughter.

James Fields: Gentleman, good student, ladies man, beloved by the community, loves his race and wants to protect civilization.

Heather Heyer: Fat, sloppy, heart problems, diabeetus, can’t stop eating, feminist, coalburner, filled with hate.

A lot of people are saying “James Fields did nothing wrong.”

And that is going too far, in my opinion. He did do something wrong: reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

And he should be punished for it. I think a $500 ticket should suffice.

The fat bitch Heather Heyer, due to her total lack of self control and desire to stuff endless amounts of carbohydrates into her dickholster has resulted in untold human suffering, not the least of which involving the seizure of our .com and the shuttening of many other find websites, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels.

It’s time to make things right. It’s time to force her fat mother to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We shall accept nothing less than a full apology to James Fields and all whites. The longer term goal is to get James Fields out of prison, as well as raise money to repair the damages to the Challenger.

Furthermore, we want K-Pop sluts that can be artificially inseminated with our children and the eggs of Swedish models which will will buy with GoFundMe money.

This is war mode now. We are going on the offensive.

We are done complaining about what is happening to us and we are going on the offensive against the people who made it happen.

So get ready to roll, brothers.

Susan Bro is going to wish she never would have fucked with the white race.

Hail Victory.