Notice How They’re Coaching Liberals and Preparing Them to Confront Conservatives Over Guns Now?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2018

Up on the BBC website is a low-effort chat simulator that walks you through the reasons that guns are really really bad. 

You get to play the role of a frazzled cat lady with a gun getting accosted by a nigger on a bus in the middle of the night that wants to disarm you for some reason.

Or you can be the nigger, of course.

I only played around as the lady, and to all the prompts, I gave the closest Stormer-approved answer that I could.

Naturally, there are no real Alt-Right tier responses that you’re allowed to have. The nigger is allowed to run circles around any argument you make.

This is because this program is an exercise in giving Liberals talking points to use against Sportsball-watching, corn-fed, conservative Amerikaners. 

That’s what the Left loves to do by the way – go for the barely educated rubes to make it seem like Liberal positions are really smart and anyone who is a conservative is a retard. They love making shows about “clever” Liberals putting rubes in their place by running circles around them.

Most Liberals are chomping at the bit to get a chance to virtue-signal or school some dumb conservatives.

This “Crossing Divides” thing that the BBC has going is just an online practice run for Liberals planning to ambush their suspected Conservative co-worker at the next company event.

And the problem is that most Liberals are – on average – smarter than most conservatives. 

Seriously, I’ll give them that.

Think of it this way.

You’ve got the 95 IQ man who drinks his Bud and says, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” while thumping his bible. He doesn’t really think much, preferring instead to trust authority and relies on instinct and social mores.

That’s your average conservative. And these are the people that Liberals target with their mockery and that’s who the Nigerian migrant in the program is supposed to be BTFOing.

Now, Liberals are all pretty much mid-wits. 115 IQ at the very max.

They’re able to start asking questions and thinking for themselves, but just barely. They look at the prole man with his dogma, superstition and uncritical mind and they feel repulsed by him and what he represents. They point to the bible and say, “do you really believe in talking snakes and God explicitly banning two men from loving each other? That’s fucking retarded. Muh spaghetti monster.”

And that’s as far as they get really.

These two groups clashing is what makes up most of American politics. 

You’ve got the bible-thumpers vs the midwits. The proles vs the bobos. Flyovers vs Urbanites. Gun-lovers vs Gun-grabbers.

But then you’ve got a third group. The smarter ones. The ones that think things through. These are the people that probably wrote the bible all those years back and filled it with wisdom and warnings about sodomy, women, the devil and being careful with seafood when you live in a hot fucking desert.

Pork can go bad quickly in hot temps, shellfish can give you food poisoning if it goes bad and it often does, mixed fabrics are a bitch to wash, tattoos are degenerate, vain and signal promiscuity – especially on women, piercings in an era without antibiotics…hmm, yeah no, these are all sound points.

I’m not really even trying to justify the Bible or Christianity. 

I’m just using it as an example. There are several layers of knowledge. Usually, it passes through three stages. First is knowing but not knowing why. Second is questioning what you know. Third is coming to a renewed understanding of what you knew, and now knowing why.

It’s like hating gays because the Bible told you so is stage one. Questioning the bible is stage two. Coming to understand WHY these truths were written down in the first place and the reasoning behind the gay ban is stage three. Enlightenment you might say. And most of these stages of understanding correspond pretty well with IQ levels.

The Alt-Right online in any comments section

So it doesn’t really matter what issue it is.

Whether its Guns or God or Gays, the Liberals are frothing at the mouth to start “debating” Conservative rubes.

But they completely run for the hills when they come up against us – the third group, the Conservatives who write holy books and Constitutions and make low-IQ people read and repeat from dogmatically because we know that they can’t really understand anything anyway, so best just to beat some morally into their heads with the warning that God will hate them if they litter and don’t use turn signals when driving.

That’s why they go out of their way to deplatform us.

They want to cut the head off the snake. They want to separate the Conservative brains – the Alt-Right – from the Conservative brawn – the average conservative Amerikaner.

From there, it’s easy to coach Liberals into being able to run circles around conservanormies trying to hold onto their guns, their god or fending off the gays.

That’s why they won’t allow Alt-Right talking points into the scripted program. Whether it’s the BBC’s site or TV channels or any form of media.

They know they can’t allow us a voice because we would run circles around them.