Nothing is Happening with This Kenosha Shooting Story

I was very alarmed when the shooting in Kenosha happened.

I stand by everything I said, although I was probably a bit hard on the individual kid himself. He seems like a good kid who was just trying to do the right thing, and he’s being exploited, lured into car lots by people with another agenda.

As it turns out, however, the kid is too sympathetic, and the Antifa too unsympathetic.

So the media is dropping it.

It’s not even in the top stories as of late Wednesday night, and all day today, CNN was covering a hurricane.

There probably isn’t going to be anything major happen as a result of this.

What they will do instead is allow this to continue to escalate, and look for a better shooting. If they acted on this one and forced the guys with guns off of the street, they would not have a chance to do another shooting.

I feel bad for the kid and I wish him the best. Obviously, he didn’t do anything morally wrong, and the bigger political situation – the way the media is purposefully setting up violent confrontations to demonize whites, so the police state can come down on us – was outside of his scope and shouldn’t be something he has to think about.

They’re going to crucify him over this. He probably did legally break the law. But I hope he gets a good lawyer.

They shut down his GoFundMe, but I suspect he’s now a big enough deal that he’ll be able to get money elsewhere.