Notes on the Casual Sex Culture: Free Milk is Always Greener on the Other Side

Alexander McNabb
The Right Stuff
January 22, 2014

“This more delusive, not the touch, but taste
Deceived; they, fondly thinking to allay
Their appetite with gust, instead of fruit
Chewed bitter ashes, which the offended taste
With spattering noise rejected.”

-Paradise Lost

"Haven't you heard, White man?  Actions have no consequences.  You might as well just do it." -The Jew
“Haven’t you heard, White man? Actions have no consequences. You might as well just do it.” -The Jew

The most insidious meme of consumer capitalism is the pernicious idea that you, the individual, deserve only the best and should never settle for anything. This ignoble lie has been repeated so many times that the infectious canker of it has infested every last form of human enterprise and interaction. Not content to merely infantilize adults into mindless consumers of the latest and most novel “products,” the rot has subsumed their very perceptions of one another. Human relationships have now become commodities, driven by the same childish hedonistic impulse so carefully cultivated by a capitalist system predicated on mass consumption.

The feminist sexual revolution brought female sexual agency on par with men, and with it unconsciously forfeited the best bargaining chip women had to ensure loyalty and commitment from males. Not only did the Faustian bargain to emancipate women from their traditional roles leave men holding all the cards, it also produced a trend of increasing unhappiness in women themselves. The poisonous fruit of unrestrained, guilt-free shallow relationships and “free love” soon turned to a curse on a generation of women with illegitimate children and worthless sexual capital, while the men reaped the boon of easy sex and commitment-free temporary flings.

No. Consequences.
No. Consequences.

Today the overgrown, hedonistic children either lament the lack of commitment and loyalty from their relationship partners or pretend it isn’t a problem to begin with. Heaven forbid you find yourself “stuck” in a long term relationship, why what if you get BORED? Imagine that, constantly being told your self-interest and amusement is always the first priority and you deserve only the best has resulted in a sick Prisoner’s Dilemma where every romantic partner is one “trade” away from being “upgraded.” By treating sex as a purely casual item instead of as a matter of trust and commitment, intimacy itself has become degraded into a mere bodily function stripped of any greater context.

The degenerates who have swallowed the alluring morsel of unrestricted self gratification refuse to see that there could possibly be negative consequences for such behaviors, or they externalize the side effects onto others. “Men should be more loyal!” cry the sexually liberated women with multiple illegitimate children. Why should they? What incentive do they have to be loyal? Why should they be forced to care for the end product of sloppy, careless decision making? Does being hardworking and loyal make any difference if the man gets free sex in either event, or faces being discarded through a no fault divorce?

Ironically “women’s liberation” paved the way for the complete unfettering of male responsibility and the decoupling of male commitment altogether. Given over to their base urges the modern man is now free to play Skyrim, jerk off to internet porn, and if he really feels like bothering with a real woman, there’s always dating sites and online PUA tips to accomplish pulling off that quick little IRL crotch sneeze. Finally men have achieved true happiness: Free license to live in a permanent state of adolescence.

Seriously, just do it.

The saddest tragedy is that in a time when the general quality of men and women has degraded the most, these arrogant whores and infantile narcissists have the greatest possible expectations from their relationships and their partners. Aging harpies with multiple crotch-droppings believe that overgrown menchildren are gonna put down the Cheetoh stained Xbox controller long enough to get a white collar job and buy them a two story house in the suburbs complete with a rose garden and an unflagging sense of loyalty. No one has yet been a rigorous and daring enough thinker to say the obvious: You don’t deserve a good relationship. You are subhuman, narcissistic filth and you should settle for the first human being able to tolerate your insipid, hollow acquisitiveness for more than a few minutes of feigned interest. That aching lack of fulfillment is just the final hangover from a long night of binge drinking a hard liquor called “casual sex.”

I know this because I’ve spent too much time on that road myself. The complete lack of stigma against premarital sex allowed me to capitalize on female sexual needs and engage in multiple sex-based relationships, often with more than one partner at once, leaving a trail of broken-hearted humiliated women in my wake. This is what no one is intellectually honest enough to admit: Those casual sexual flings and temporary relationships actually hurt people. While progressive liberals might argue all day long for social responsibility, they show none of it whatsoever in regards to their views on human relationships. Women in particular cannot but help feel a real emotional attachment to someone even within the confines of “fuck-buddy” relationship.

It’s about time we grow the fuck up and stop pretending that regurgitating the mantra of instant gratification is anything more than the “virtue” of a profoundly infantile collection of immature narcissists. Maybe the greater virtue is self-sacrifice and loyalty to others.