Not So Fast, “Blue Wave”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

Okay, so we’ve got a good poll amongst a lot of bad (and presumably fake) polls.

Enthusiasm is higher than it’s been since this chart started.

And even according to Gallup, enthusiasm is almost as high among Republicans as among Democrats.

That’s higher than it’s ever been by an opposition party after winning a Presidential election.

The thinking right now is that if Kavanaugh fails, it will be great for Democrats.

But I’m not sure that’s right.

Republicans are going to be very angry if the Democrats get away with this scheme, and it could actually go the other way if Kavanaugh fails.

Whatever the case, polls are basically irrelevant, as we learned in 2016, when we were told by Nate Silver there was a 98.9% chance Hillary would win and she lost by like, a lot.

So nevermind the polls.

Just get out and vote.

Right now, today, call up everyone you know who is not a complete shitlib (you shouldn’t know shitlibs anyway) and confirm they are registered to vote. Or text them. Just go through your entire contacts list in your phone, contact every single person. If they are not or don’t know if they are, tell them you will help them get it done (or check to make sure they are registered).

For some states, the registration deadline is coming up soon.

Check here for information, or just type “voter registration [your state]” into Google and it will tell you the details. In most states, it can be done online.

Go to their houses and help them. If they need a ride, drive them.

When election day comes, take the day off and go to everyone’s house and make sure they get to the polls.

And vote “R” all the way down. I don’t care who it is. Every “R” vote is a vote for Trump, it is a vote for mass deportations, it is a vote for the wall, it is a vote for friendship with Russia, it is a vote for punishing all of these Democrats.

This has to happen.

And you, reader, have the power.

Each of you needs to get at least 5 people who weren’t going to vote to vote. MINIMUM. You actually need to do as many as you possibly can. I’m talking co-workers, family members, extended family members, friends from high school and college – everyone. If you are a high school senior, make sure everyone over 18 is ready to go. And take the day off school and drive them.

This is possibly the most important election in history. We simply cannot afford to screw it up.