Jew Lawyer Cohen Charged with Lying to Congress in Apparent Weird Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

The top story in the Mueller Kookspiracy is that the Jew Lawyer Cohen lied to Congress about the dates of meetings with Russians. He’s facing five years for this charge.

The story is… Jesus have mercy, do you really even want to know what the story is?

Does anyone care anymore?

Well, I didn’t want to know, but I took the time to find out so I might as well just give you the tl;dr.

Cohen is alleging that he lied under oath about the dates of conversations he had with Donald Trump with regards to a building that Trump was building in Moscow. He says he knowingly provided false information to Congress in order to protect Trump. This supports the Mueller claim that something something something Russian business interests, therefore Putin, therefore Julian Assange, therefore fake election.

It is not impossible that as part of the plea deal Cohen has with Mueller already, he agreed to lie and claim he had lied. In fact, I do not think there would be anything technically illegal about that. And honestly, it is the simplest explanation as to why Mueller would charge someone who has already struck a plea deal with new charges, which makes no sense. Furthermore, it makes no sense how Mueller would gain this knowledge now, unless it was gained as a part of discussions under the terms of the plea deal, and these plea deals always include immunity from prosecution for anything revealed – that is the whole point of a plea deal.

And they had all of his recorded conversations from the raid on his office before he ever made the deal. So this new charge makes absolutely zero sense, unless it is part of a cooperation deal. It looks like some kind of weird psy-op, where they are trying to trick Trump or someone else into admitting something about a Trump building project in Moscow. Or just create another round of “it’s finally happening” headlines.

Which we’re getting a lot of.

I’m not going to link that vile anti-Indo-European website, you can look it up yourself if you want.

But these histrionics are everywhere, throughout the entire media – “IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING.”

Trump responded.

This news – by sheer coincidence – comes the same day that it was revealed that the last histrionic fit over Manafort was based on completely fabricated hoax news. He did not meet with Julian Assange, The Guardian literally made it up – and again, apparently by sheer coincidence – published this fake news story the same day that Mueller announced that Manafort was being charged for lying – during a discussion with the Mueller counsel following a plea deal!

What they are apparently accusing Manafort of is… get this… using his plea deal with the Mueller team as a way to spy on the Mueller counsel/council for Trump, in order that Trump might give him a pardon for effectively operating as a spy inside the Mueller operation.

I don’t even know what to say about that, other than that nothing like that has ever happened before in history, and given the nature of electronic surveillance, I don’t think anyone would ever try something like this. Furthermore, it’s not clear what Trump would have to gain from such an operation, especially considering all he would have to lose if he got caught.

And again: what are the chances that something like that would be revealed the exact same day that The Guardian decides to publish a completely fabricated fake news story about Manafort meeting Julian Assange?

Point Being

Both the current Cohen and Manafort scandals appear to be completely manufactured.

Yes, the entire Mueller probe is manufactured, but Cohen really did commit fraud through a taxi cab company and Manafort really did have an ostrich jacket.

Flynn did talk to the Russian ambassador (on behalf of Jared Kushner, of course) before the inauguration. Don Jr. really did meet with a Russian lawyer. Trump did pay off a porn star. Some other things actually happened, even though they were totally unrelated to any kind of alleged hacking kookspiracy.

At this point, however, Mueller appears to be manufacturing his own scandals in order to justify the continuation of his investigation.

The obvious strategy is to drive things into such levels of bizarreness that normal people are simply incapable of grasping it and anyone who tries to explain it (me) is viewed as insane.

Off the Rails

This entire shit has gone from the realm of the goofy into the realm of the psychedelic.

And not fun and silly psychedelic like Yellow Submarine or Hawkwind, but dark psychedelica, like David Cronenberg films or the shit Roky Erickson recorded after his electroshock treatment.

I hope Cronenberg is around to direct the film version of these events, in the old style of Stereo and Crimes of the Future.

Basic Plot: 

Robert Mueller is a telepathic pedophile who is slowly slipping into an alternate realm of demonic monsters as he attempts to use experimental drugs of an unknown origin manufactured by a secretive Chinese biomedical corporation to maintain his hold on reality when he is approached by Rod Rosenstein to lead an investigation into a false reality manufactured entirely by the media. Rosenstein tasks him with using his psychic powers and his connections to this demonic chaos dimension to cause the media illusion to manifest as physical reality. As his mission continues, he begins to realize that the entire fabric of reality itself is unraveling, and struggles to deal with whether or not he and the cabal that hired him are causing this shift or if it was always destined to happen. 

Or, for a comparison to something that maybe you are more familiar with, this “probe” has become like that MGMT video “Kids.”

Imagine that you are the kid, and the experience in that video is metaphorically representative of an endless existence of histrionic news coverage of Russian conspiracies, peppered with terrible superhero films you’re forced to watch.

The video is obviously about the experience of a child growing up with a single mother. But that in itself is metaphorical of everyone growing up in a system which lacks rules and order – i.e., a society without a dominant patriarchal benevolent ruling class.

A society needs a father as much as a family does.