Not a Joke: Proud Boy Accused of Having Plans to Make Bombs

Previously on “Yes, The Black Guy Who Ran the Top White Supremacist Organization in America was an FBI Agent”: Media Outs Proud Boys Leader Tarrio as an Undercover Federal Informant (Secret Agent)

So, first we hear that the Proud Boys were being run by an FBI informant (who was functioning in the capacity of an undercover agent).

Now, we’re hearing that they supposedly had instructions to make bombs.

Obviously, if the leader was an FBI informant, then the organization was totally lined with them. After taking over the group, Enrique Tarrio transformed the organization from the silly beer-drinking and song-singing fraternal organization that Gavin McInnes built into a full-on neo-Nazi style paramilitary group. That obviously means that the FBI’s objective was to create violence.

Whenever the FBI is involved with a right-wing group, they are always trying to get them to do bombings.


U.S. law enforcement agents found bomb-making instructions inside the home of a member of the Proud Boys right-wing extremist group who was charged with participating in the Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol, prosecutors said on Friday.

Dominic Pezzola, 43, had “weapons- and bomb-making manuals” on a thumb drive device found within his home near Rochester, New York, prosecutors said in a court filing arguing that he should be jailed pending trial.

More than 135 people have been arrested so far in connection with the rampage by supporters of then-President Donald Trump that interrupted the formal congressional certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory, forced lawmakers to rush to safety and left five people dead including a police officer.

The Justice Department said Pezzola and another member of the Proud Boys, William Pepe, 31, of Beacon, New York, were indicted on charges including conspiracy, civil disorder and unlawfully entering restricted buildings or grounds.

Pezzola was also indicted on additional charges including obstruction of an official proceeding, robbery of personal property of the United States, and assaulting, resisting or impeding officers, the Justice Department said.

Separately, the FBI said bombs found at the Capitol Hill headquarters of the Democratic and Republican National Committees were placed there the evening before the attack. The FBI increased a reward for information about the incident to up to $100,000.

That is clearly fake. It’s not just a part of the disinfo campaign, it was also used to explain why people were allowed to rush the Capitol – they said police were too busy dealing with this alleged bomb.

They might as well have said they were chasing Top Cat.

They never explained whether it was a real bomb or not, they never showed any pictures of the bomb, and they never released any sketch of the alleged bomber. You notice you don’t see headlines about it anymore. They basically just wanted the word “bomb” in the headlines.

Pezzola, known as “Spaz” to associates, poses a “serious danger to the community and a serious risk of flight,” the prosecution brief stated. Pezzola was arrested in New York.

A lawyer for Pezzola, Mike Scibetta, said in an email that, to his knowledge, the thumb drive was given to Pezzola, was never opened by him, and contained a “survivalist” manual.

“The government has cherry-picked a small portion of the paper to suit their narrative,” Scibetta said.

It’s not just a survival manual, it could have also been the Anarchist Cookbook (a 1960s CIA propaganda pamphlet which told teenagers to rebel and make bombs to bring communism or whatever), which is a standard inclusion on those USB drive libraries. At least that was the case that I remember back when they used to be on CDs in the early 2000s – it was always on there.

Again, this is just the headline they’re looking for. It’s also believable the guy never looked at it.

Also, it’s worth noting – this Proud Wop is one of the guys that busted the windows out, even though the cops opened up the doors and let people in.

People were saying that the guys breaking out the windows were agents provocateurs, but it makes sense they were Proud Boys, led by the fed white supremacist Cuban negro. Obviously, not everyone in Proud Boys is a fed, but when feds lead your group, everyone is acting on fed orders. And again, I’m sure Tarrio loaded it up with all kinds of feds after he took over, planting the seeds for it to rise like the phoenix and fulfill the John Brennan Prophecy, and give purpose to the senile King Laser Eyes.

For those who don’t understand, the media works directly with intelligence organizations. I think MSNBC hiring the former head of the CIA as a panelist removes any speculation as to how this goes behind the scenes: they’re all a part of the same centralized machine.

Obviously, Reuters had the court transcripts showing that Tarrio was a fed for a while, and sat on them until they were ready to remove him as leader of the group.

There’s no way to read the future, but we can say for certain that they revealed this information and then blasted it everywhere for a purpose. Likely, the purpose was for the Proud Boys to be disbanded and then reformed as a hardcore violence group, again led by feds, which will serve as the boogieman.

If you turn on any of the big news stations – and Tucker shows it too – the media is going full-on with this “white supremacist terrorist agenda.” They’re tying the Capitol Storm to Charlottesville directly, and they’re saying they’re planning terrorist attacks.

In fact, the Biden Government just issued the US government’s first ever “domestic terror alert,” pointing to this boogieman.


The Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism bulletin Wednesday warning of the lingering potential for violence from people motivated by anti-government sentiment after President Joe Biden’s election, suggesting the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol may embolden extremists and set the stage for additional attacks.

The department did not cite any specific plots, but pointed to “a heightened threat environment across the United States” that it believes “will persist” for weeks after Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration.

It is not uncommon for the federal government to warn local law enforcement through bulletins about the prospect for violence tied to a particular event or date, such as July 4.

These claims that the right is violent are also a provocation to violence. It’s maybe a little bit counterintuitive, but these people are big on psychology. This is how it works:

  1. People see themselves being condemned as violent terrorists.
  2. They are angry that they are being called this, because they know they are not violent.
  3. As the claim that they are violent is repeated, they start to think that there might actually be violent people who agree with them (because when you hear something on repeat, you start to believe it, even if you know for a fact it’s false).
  4. People start to become sympathetic to the violent people among them (who don’t actually exist).
  5. People start to become violent themselves.

You will have all of these feds involved, leading them along in the process.

Probably, they are going to create a full-on boogieman situation, where there is regular violence from these fed-controlled, confused entities. That is just simply the most obvious thing to do right now. This is a government that doesn’t have legitimacy, and the best way to achieve legitimacy is to say you’re protecting people from a threat.

It’s also just a basic distractionist tactic. They’ve got this whole huge agenda going on, which no one who isn’t directly a part of the establishment really particularly likes, and which many people hate.

A Completely Fictitious Reality

Basically at this point, this is just playing out like a movie. The intelligence agencies work with the media to plant headlines, they infiltrate everything with secret agents, they create the desired events through social engineering. I don’t know what to tell you – it’s basically all fake.

The good news is, they’re not very good at this. They screw stuff up all the time. Don’t confuse power and intent with competence. These people are all just scumbags, their master plan is Dr. Evil tier, and the extent to which they appear competent is only the extent to which the masses of people are significantly stupider than they are. You saw the election – they had how many months to set up the needed mail-in ballots, and they didn’t have enough ready, so they had to make it all obvious. It’s belligerent.

Look: their great plan is to put computer chips in everyone’s brains so they can have total dominance over everyone on earth. This could have been done very easily, without all of this weird stuff. They could have just had virtual reality porn and video games for the men, and made it some fashion thing for the women, and then had a normal economic collapse. If the end goal is to control everyone’s brains with a computer chip, then what is the point of this weird shit? They could have just slowly marched people to it.

Anyway, I’ve been over this recently. Basically, people believe that QAnon is real and that Trump is a god or that the Jews or Illuminati or whatever are gods because it’s easier. The actual fact is that they just control everything, so they look like gods and Trump looked like a god because he beat them in 2016.

So, the point is: don’t feel hopeless. Yes, they have the ability to stage all these events, but their plans don’t really make very much sense, and their execution is almost always stupid. Just look at the Middle East, look at the 2016 and 2020 elections, look at the way they pumped up China thinking it would turn democratic. Chinese people have a high average IQ, but that’s only because they don’t have outliers. It’s a very thin curve. If you’re getting outfoxed by the Chinese, you’re not very smart.

So don’t get caught up in thinking it’s all a foregone conclusion. Just stay focused on what you’re able to do, take care of yourself. Eat, drink and be merry, and don’t ever talk to the cops.

Frankly, I’d stay pretty far away from anyone who was in the Proud Boys after Gavin quit. Even if you’ve known them a long time. Unless you’re really close. Because this group was packed out with feds like sardines in a can.