Norwegian Politician Who was Fag-Raped by Somalian Begged Government Not to Deport Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2016


A left-wing Norwegian politician named Karsten Nordal Hauken who brutally fag-raped in his butt by a Somalian and now feels deep-rooted guilt at the fact the man would be deported to his home country after serving four years in prison.

Hauken recently told the story in Norway’s state-owned NRK.

Hauken writes that after being raped, he sunk into a deep depression, drinking heavily and smoking hash.

After DNA evidence confirmed that the African man was responsible for the gay-rape, the man was convicted and sentenced to four years and a half years in prison.

Shortly before the Somalian had finished doing his time, Hauken learned that the man was facing deportation. In his essay, he writes:

I also got a strong sense of guilt and responsibility. It was I who was the reason why he should not be left in Norway, but rather be late for a very uncertain future in Somalia. He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again? And this time much harder?

He then goes into his own struggles with the emotions surrounding rape, before saying that the African raping him was due to the man’s unique culture, and that he had suffered injustices (from Whites, we are to assume) in his life:

I am a heterosexual man, and I was raped by another, presumably heterosexual man. To understand how this can happen, requires that one must think a little past the first prejudiced tank.

I’ve learned that the culture in which the rapist comes from is so totally different from ours. In his culture trades sexual abuse mostly about power and less about desire. And it is not regarded as a homosexual act being the one who exerts power and raping.

I do not feel anger toward my husband abuse, and it is incomprehensible to many. But I have to some extent chosen to accept that he is responsible for his actions. This was difficult. For I see him most as a product of an unjust world. A product of an upbringing marked by war and deprivation.

And, of course, he closes with a call to take in more refugees:

I stand rock solid in my opinion that the people he needs our help. I want us to continue to help refugees with such a background.