Norwegian Leftist Party Condemns Its Supporters for Boycotting Israel

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2017

One way to get the cogs turning in the rusty brain-box of a white leftist is to bring up the fact that while they get their way on non-white immigration, LGBTP and even some environmental issue, when it comes to Israel’s murderous apartheid regime, they always hit a brick wall.

There’s a curious disconnect here. On American college campuses, Leftists run amok, but when they try to fight Zionism, they are shot down by “liberal” administrators and the establishment left. In their defense, most of the groups that claim to be protecting free speech on campus remain silent when its criticism of Jews sadistically torturing infants to death that’s on the chopping block (a bit like how the ACLU remains silent when it’s the Daily Stormer getting sued for blogging). FIRE is the only one I’ve seen come out against states legislating against campus BDS.

Norwegian Labor Party leader Jonas Gahr Store keeps this blockade in place – good doggy.


The leader of the main Norwegian opposition group on Saturday opposed a boycott of Israel decided by the Norway’s largest trade union confederation, a traditional ally.

Jonas Gahr Store, who leads the left-leaning Labor Party, said the move by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) would not bring progress on a political solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

The LO confederation on Friday endorsed a full boycott of Israel to achieve Palestinian human rights.

LO, with more than 900,000 workers affiliated, has supported Labor, Norway’s largest party, for decades. In 2013, the social-democratic party lost power to the current right-leaning coalition government.

Store is willing to risk 900,000 votes in his small country over private citizens choosing to boycott an insignificant little rogue state in the Middle East?

What gives?

Shekels gives.

The Left only exists to provide a humanitarian mask for the globalist elite, a ruling body made up in large part by Zionist Jews who want all white countries to be brown and dysfunctional, while Israel remains a racially-pure state protected by a gigantic cement wall.

Why don’t the upper echelons of Norway’s pedophile-ridden government apply the same moral standard they use to ruin their own country to Israel?

The answer is behind that door marked “Anti-Semitism.” Point it out to a non-homosexual, non-Jewish leftist and you might be surprised at their willingness to see what’s inside.