Norway: Right-Wing Practical Jokes Ensue!

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2017

 Removing a masterpiece such as this is the real crime here.

We’ve written before about how the Windmill of Friendship rustles normie jimmies. Indeed, this particular symbol superimposed on a red and white background merits a greater police response than your average sexual emergency or even murder, with the media taking great care to cover the incident in great detail.

With this in mind, some high energy pranksters went out and made sure that the establishment butt maintained a maximum level of hurt even as it tried to recover from Pride week.

First off, a swastika was painted onto the rocks near a World War II memorial site in Rogaland where 89 German soldiers met their heroic end. The event was naturally front-page material, as a swastika of this quality is very rare indeed. The flag was ultimately removed with a pressure washer and no police charges were filed, though everyone is incredibly upset by what amounts to a no-holds barred holocaust on their feels. Personally, I wish to remind the artist(s) to use acrylic paint next time, possibly combined with a primer.

Next up was a bit of high-flying hijinks, as the Wehrmacht Windmill of Friendship was raised on top of a crane. The construction company in charge of this wayward crane issued the following response:

We did not know anything about this nazi-flag. A flag like this does not correspond with our values and we will make sure the flag is removed as soon as possible.

Please note how the construction company had not already removed the offending flag. 😉

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

The flag increases a crane’s lift capacity by at least 14.88%.

Not content with simply displaying the windmill of friendship all over the country however, the pranksters also struck back against the gay-lobby who had captured Oslo for the weekend, by cutting down some real eyesores located in the city center.

Fly a pride flag and the government will throw money for queer studies at you, fly a Windmill of Friendship and they will call the police. Such is Norway in 2017.

The story was originally reported as a theft, and the arrangers are hoping to have their flags returned to them. However, footage taken by the pranksters might extinguish hopes of seeing these flags again. What a shame.

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