Norway: Police “Reinterpret” the Law to Make Burning the Koran Illegal

Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

This is what treason looks like

I wrote just a few days ago about how some people who don’t want to get fat while their country burns set fire to a Koran and caused a fight, and this was all it took to cause a “reinterpretation” of the law.

Funny how diversity works, ain’t it?

The laws just immediately adapt to whatever the most violent group wants.


A new interpretation of the hate speech law, partly grounded in the fear of revenge, means that the police shall intervene against the violation of religious symbols, such as the Quran.

So “hate speech” laws just change depending on how likely the “victims” are to try to get revenge.

This wouldn’t make any sense if I knew nothing about Jews.

A recent instance of Quran burning by Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) in the city of Kristiansand, which some called Norway’s first, has set off a passionate debate on the acceptance of such actions and the perceived collision between the freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

As the police ultimately intervened to stop SIAN’s demonstration amid a brawl between activists and their opponents, they were acting on a new explicit order from Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland, Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported.

“The violation of the Quran could, in a given context, be a violation of Criminal Code section on hate speech”, Bjørnland said, as quoted by the broadcaster.

Of course the police is run by a woman.

I’m 99% sure she has no children either, because having a “career” arresting people for meanthink is more important than that.

Bjørnland said that instances of setting fire to all religious symbols must be handled equally and correctly.

“The message is ‘if you still do it, we will stop it’”, Bjørnland said, admitting that the assessment of whether to intervene in the freedom of expression and assembly is a difficult issue. “Everyone should speak up as long as they do not violate laws, in this case the Criminal Code. We are not an opinion police, but we have guidance, and when we see violations of the given guidelines, we intervene”.

Good thing the guidelines are very vague and always changing, so you can arrest the maximum amount of White people possible.

An important reason for the new interpretation is a threat assessment from the Police Security Service (PST) that public Quran burnings could lead to serious revenge attacks against Norway.

“It is true that in recent months PST has been concerned about the consequences a Quran burning can have. We see it as a trigger event for violent actions, and have provided a description of the situation to the police”, PST senior adviser Martin Bernsen said, as quoted by NRK.

Somehow, the obvious solution of not having Moslems in your country in the first place wasn’t even taken into account.

Because we really, really, really need (((diversity))) for some reason.

Nobody knows the reason, but it’s such a good reason that people get arrested for even asking what it is.

Following the demonstration in Kristiansand, one SIAN member was arrested for failing to comply with police orders.

Kristiansand Mayor Harald Furre, who was present during SIAN’s demonstration, condemned the actions.

“I wish the police had intervened earlier and prevented the ignition”, Furre said.

Such a good little cuck you are.

I bet you can afford to live in a 100% white enclave, unlike most people.

Police chief in the Agder District Morten Sjustøl called such actions controversial, stressing that they stir up strong engagement.

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey later condemned the burning of the Quran, stressing its deep concern about discrimination against Muslims, the hatred of Islam, and the attacks on mosques in Western Europe in general.

No creature apart from the Jew is as arrogant and hypocritical as the Turk.

These creatures have been committing non-stop genocide against basically everyone they ever came into contact with for literally their entire history, and they’re concerned about discrimination in Norway.

They’re basically half a level on the Chutzpahmeter away from demanding Romania give them infinity money because Vlad the Impaler turned 6,000,000 of them into kebabs – for absolutely no reason, of course.

SIAN leader Lars Thorsen called the action “a good way to visualise the negative power that Islam is” and made it clear that reprises of the action are not to be excluded.

Stop Islamisation of Norway dates back to the early 2000s and claims to counter the proliferation of Islam, which it views as a totalitarian political ideology that violates the Norwegian Constitution as well as democratic and human values.

Thorsen is no stranger to political controversy, having recently received a 30 day suspended jail sentence and a fine for distributing pamphlets in the Norwegian capital that called Muslims “notorious sexual predators” who “rape in epidemic proportions”.

So basically, he was convicted of spreading demonstrably true facts that the people who arrested him can confirm are true.

That’s principles and values, alright, and the goyim better start taking notes.