Norway: NRM Activist to be Deported by Corrupt ZOG State

Daily Stormer
October 22, 2016


Above: Norwegian police searching the activist’s apartment.

At last, Norway has begun deporting immigrants.

Unfortunately, they’ve opted to focus on nationalist activists rather than ISIS operatives or low-IQ rapists.

Because, of course, they’re a “national security risk.”

Nordic Resistance Movement:

Translated by NRM activist

Seven police searched Norwegian Nordic Resistance Movement’s member Ronny Bårdsen’s apartment to find the Norwegian-Russian nationalist Yan Petrovskiy (also knnown as Veliki Slavian). He will be deported from Norway. The police informed Petrovskiy that he has two days to get a flight ticket and five to leave the country.

The police wanted to see Petrovskiy’s passport and know if he accepts the decision and leaves Norway voluntarily or if he has to be forced. Petrovskiy answered that according to the advice of his lawyer Nils Christian Nordhus he doesn’t keep the passport in his apartment, and he will talk with his lawyer before giving an answer concerning his departure.

After this Petrovskiy attempted to call his lawyer while the police were waiting, but because his lawyer didn’t pick it up, the police decided to arrest Petrovskiy and search Bårdsen’s apartment. Petrovskiy has lived in the address for some time and has been registered as a Norwegian resident.

The real reason behind the search was to acquire Petrovskiy’s passport, as without it he cannot be deported. Despite of the efforts of the police, the passport was not uncovered.

The decision about the deportation was made by the Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet) after the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) sent a letter to the directorate. In the letter PST stated that Petrovskiy was “a threat to national security”.

Petrovskiy fought in the Ukrainian civil war with the pro-Russian forces, and the establishment is now afraid Petrovskiy will impart his knowledge of warfare to the Norwegian nationalists. It is being planned that he will be reported to the Schengen database, which would lead to him being driven out of Europe.


Those guys, of course, are legitimate political activists.

Meanwhile, ISIS terrorists returning from Syria are welcome with open arms across Europe, with protests about the safety of such a policy brushed aside as “intolerant fear-mongering.”

Petrovskyi’s lawyer has told the Norwegian state radio NRK that his client has never been convicted of any crimes whatsoever and the case is pure political witch hunt: “He denies that there are any grounds for his deportation. Petrovskiy has never been convicted of any crimes, and he feels the real reason before the deportation order is his political views and statements“, said Petrovskiy’s laywer Nordhus.

To NRK’s question if Petrovskiy is a threat to the society, Nordhus answered as follows: “Absolutely not. This is based on the made up claims by public officials, concocted so that people they dislike could be thrown out of the country.

It’s insane to think how transparently our elites are working to destroy the native populations of Europe.

There is no brown scum too stupid or dangerous to allow in. And we can’t possibly deport them for raping our women, can we? That would be a violation of their “human rights.”

But they will act vigorously and with borderline illegal measures to keep nationalists out of the country – even though those upstanding Whites haven’t violated any law or caused any problems.