Norway: Leader of Populist Party Walks Back Circumcision Ban

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017

Mangled dicks, lower taxes, and Israel are three of our core values.

After a solid majority decision to ban circumcision was reached at the right-wing populist Fremskrittspartiet’s (progress party) national convention last month, the decision was unilaterally cancelled at a clandestine meeting with Jewish delegates.

According to EJ Press, at an unannounced meeting, party leader Siv Jensen assured the leader of The European Jewish Association, rabbi Menachem Margolin, and Dutch chief rabbi Binyomen Jacobs that:

A circumcision ban won’t happen on my watch… Such a ban is not on the government agenda, not on my party’s agenda and not on my agenda.

After the meeting, rabbi Mangolin had the following comment:

I welcome Mrs. Jensen’s warm words and her strong stance on this issue [genital mutilation]. It was imperative that we secure this commitment, as without it, other parties across Europe who don’t take such a positive position on Judaism and our practices, would be emboldened to act on circumcision, just as they have sought to act on ritual slaughter. Norway remains a safe haven for jews and we must be vigilant to make sure it remains so.

We feel very strongly about having taxpayers cover our free dick mutilations. Cough up goy.

This event really reveals the power of the international Jew. Even in a country with 1500 Jews, leaders of one of the biggest political parties in Norway will cancel the majority decision of her own party. Imagine being one of the mightiest political figures in the country and having to firmly commit to letting 0.02% of the country’s population continue to mutilate their children’s penises, and thereafter having to find arguments to defend the practice in front of a country that is mostly atheist, one can only hope she was suitably remunerated, perhaps with 30 silver coins? I for one fully agree with Jensen’s statement that such a ban will not happen on her watch, and therefore urge the progress party’s members to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Furthermore, what is truly ironic about this situation is that none of this would’ve ever been found out, had it not been for the jewish need to not only win but openly gloat about it. As soon as Jewish media started reporting this story, some intrepid anti-jewish watchdogs over at kokohøyre reported on it and from there, Norwegian media was forced to cover the story, albeit a few days after the news originally broke. Good job guys.

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