Norway: Killer Bowman was a Danish Islamo-Convert Radical

I figured it was a white guy, and when they started saying “Islamic radical,” I was confused.

Now I’m not confused anymore.

The Guardian:

A Danish man suspected of a bow and arrow attack that killed five people and injured two others in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg is a Muslim convert who previously showed signs of radicalisation, police have said.

The 37-year-old suspect, who had been flagged as having been radicalised, was remanded in custody on Wednesday night. Police believe the man, who lived in Kongsberg, acted alone.

Two people remain in intensive care, including an off-duty police officer. Police told the Norwegian news agency NTB that the attacker also used other weapons, but did not say what they were.

I originally figured it was just another person gone nuts from this virus bullshit.

But hey – maybe he converted to Islam because he was driven insane by the virus hoax?

That seems pretty likely.

We’re all just doing our best to keep it together here, ya know?