Norway: Jew Leader Ervin Kohn Wants to Make It Illegal to Criticize Jews on the Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2015

Ervin Kohn
Ervin Kohn

Ervin Kohn, the top Jew in Norway is calling for freedom of speech to be shut down in order to protect his poor widdle feewings.

Technically in Norway it is already illegal to “incite hate” but Kohn believes many more people need to be hunted down and put in prison because of their beliefs.


The leader of the Jewish community in Oslo believes criminal law must now be applied to a number of websites that spread lies about Jews and denies that the Holocaust took place.

“Genocide does not happen in a few days. What happens before genocide is dehumanization, and before it comes demonization, and before that stigma with conspiracy theories and hate speech. It’s a chain that begins with words and ends in violence,” Kohn told Dagsavisen.

Hate speech has also become frighteningly common, not least on the internet. Kohn rattles off in seconds numerous websites where hatred against Jews is red hot and where there is an absolute denial of the Holocaust.

“It is not possible to refute these utterances with normal debate or with truth,” says Kohn.

Penal Code Section 135a states that “any person who willfully or through gross negligence publicly utters forth a discriminatory or hateful expression may be punished by fines or imprisonment up to three years.” This section shall protect vulnerable groups.

“I do not mean that all hate speech shall meet with the Criminal Code. Both politicians and everyone else must know their duty not to utter hate speech. It does not mean that no such statements should be met with punishment law. So far, there have only been five such cases and it think that is too few.”

Kohn went on to say a special organization needed to be set up to prosecute people for saying mean things about the Jews on the internet.

What is hilarious is the ongoing claims that people deny the Holocaust because they are secretly planning another one.  The logic of that is mind-boggling.  On top of that, no one is calling for a Holocaust, and none of our speech leads in that direction.  What it leads to is Jews being kicked out of our countries and sent to the country which was established for them to live in in 1947 on the basis of eye-witness testimony that millions of them were turned into lampshades.

The fact is, Jews don’t want their collective crimes revealed to the masses, and so are continually attempting to outlaw criticism.