Norway: Greg Johnson is Finally Out of Jail After Being Arrested for Trying to Overthrow the Government

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2019

The above video, posted a few hours ago by Counter-Currents, features an interview with Greg Johnson’s lawyer in Norway.

The interview was done by Frodi Midjord. (Mad props on that beard, by the way, Frodi. Those of us who have tried to look sharp with a full beard know just how hard it is to keep it that clean-looking. By the way, you should get that tattoo removed from your neck; it’s cheap and easy now, just really painful.)

Greg, the editor of Counter-Currents, was arrested in Norway over the weekend for allegedly planning to inspire people to overthrow the government at some unspecified time in the future.

He was told that he would be deported, but was forced to wait in jail for 48 hours. That was nothing more than punitive jail time, as there was no reason they couldn’t have just driven him directly to the airport.

Just this morning, we’ve gotten word that he’s been released, and is awaiting a flight home.

Basically, nowhere in Europe is safe for anyone with unpopular views.

I’m told I still have a warrant in Europe for making fun of a Holocaust memorial in Berlin in 2014. I never even denied it.

That video is gone forever, apparently, but OGs will remember.

Seriously though – stay out.

They do not have free speech, they are under no obligation to not simply arrest you.

And honestly, if it was me or someone else who is less… polite than Greg Johnson, they might have opted to detain us for a lot longer than 48 hours.

I’m sure when Greg is back stateside, he’ll be recounting the whole ordeal in detail.