Norway: Four “Youths” Accused of Kidnapping, Robbing and Stabbing Man in Oslo

What a senseless crime.

The obvious solution is more immigration.

Voice of Europe:

A Norwegian court has indicted four so-called ‘youths’ for kidnapping, robbing, and stabbing a man in the Tosenhagen district of Oslo in January.

The ‘youths’, aged 17 to 19, are said to have forced the victim into their car before robbing, stabbing, and threatening to kill the man, according to a report from the news portal Document Norway.

After about an hour, the four kidnappers finally let the victim out the vehicle somewhere in Bjerke – another district in Oslo. The victim’s stab wound on his thigh had to be stitched up at a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, no information has been released about the backgrounds of the four perpetrators.