Norway: Academics Say Amazon’s Alexa Should Have “Moral AI” to Report Owners to the Police

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2019

Female scientists in Norway are at the vanguard of human progress. They propose people should buy surveillance devices that will report them to the police whenever they do something illegal.

But in that case, wouldn’t people reporting themselves to the police be cheaper and more efficient?

Daily Mail:

Smart assistants could soon come with a ‘moral AI’ to decide whether to report their owners for breaking the law.

That’s the suggestion of academics at who say that household gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Google Home should be enhanced with ethical smart software.

This would let them to weigh-up whether to report illegal activity to the police, effectively putting millions of people under constant surveillance.  

Academics at the University of Bergen, Norway, touted the idea at the ACM conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society in Hawaii.

Marija Slavkovik, associate professor the department of information science and media studies, led the research.

It had to be a woman behind such retarded “research.”

Marija Slavkovik

Apparently this is why we’ve given them the right to vote, the pill and liberated them. Since Norway and other Scandinavian countries are touted as the peak of progress, this must be it.

This is peak female achievement.

Women are a bunch of do-gooder in-home cops, sent by the Jews to police your every move.

Leon van der Torre and Beishui Liao, professors at the University of Luxembourg and Zhejiang University respectively, also took part.

Dr Slavkovik suggested that digital assistants should possess an ethical awareness that simultaneously represents both the owner and the authorities – or, in the case of a minor, their parents.    

Devices would then have an internal ‘discussion’ about suspect behaviour, weighing up conflicting demands between the law and personal freedoms, before arriving at the ‘best’ course of action.

That said, there would need to be room for compromise because the world itself is not black and white.

Uh… how about no?

No one wants their objects and property to be working against them, and I don’t think this whore is dumb enough not to know that, so I’ll assume she’s suggesting the owners shouldn’t be aware that their gadget is actually a 1984 gender neutral non-binary older sibling surveillance device.

Either way, she’s advocating for a nightmare police sate where you can’t trust your own home appliances not to stab you in the back.

With the Internet of Things and all of that, there’s a lot of electronics to watch out for.

This 1984 hasn’t even gotten started.

What we propose is very simple and of course there is so much more to do,’ Dr Slavkokik told MailOnline.

‘There is [already] an ethical conflict between people in one family, let alone between people and manufacturer, or shareholders of the manufacturer and programers.

If we want to avoid Orwellian outcomes it’s important that all stakeholders are identified and have a say, including when machines shouldn’t be able to listen in. Right now only the manufacturer decides.’

The concept creates its own moral maze however, specifically, whether computers should have the ability to make human decisions.

‘Humans and human situations are far messier than this method makes out,’ Beth Singler from the University of Cambridge told New Scientist.

‘Some might want it dealt with within the family, while others may take a hard line and seek police involvement. This disparity is likely to be found in all the groups of people’.

The ethics of the culture the product is launched in would also need to be taken into consideration.

Machines should completely destroy any recording produced by their stand-by “listening in” process after a few seconds without any indication of starting a command. Obviously, if someone says “Okay Google” or “Alexa” the machine should “wake up” and start putting together what it “thinks” the owner wants it to do.

But no gadget should be recording you, taking pictures, sharing your location, nor monitoring you.

We have to fight against the subjugation of people by technology.

Man rules machine. Always.

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