Northern Ireland: Police Bombarded by 40 IRA Molotovs in Derry!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2019

Why is no one talking about this? Things are popping off in Northern Ireland and no one seems to understand what’s going on.


At least two young people were injured as they attempted to firebomb a police cordon protecting the bomb disposal unit in Derry, Northern Ireland, on Monday night.

Police were bombarded with at least 40 petrol bombs in a “brutal and sustained attack” following evacuations in the Creggan area of the city. The evacuations were ordered amid reports of an explosive device located somewhere in the residential neighborhood. Despite the evacuation order, a crowd of some 60 to 100 people gathered and harassed police.

Memes aside, they really did find a car bomb.

“Following a large scale search operation in the Creggan area of Derry, police located a suspect device in a parked vehicle,” PSNI Assistant Chief Constable for District Policing Mark Hamilton said.

Car bombs making a comeback? When can we just go ahead and admit that we have a new time of troubles on our hands in Northern Ireland?

“During the operation a crowd of 60-100 persons gathered, some of whom attacked police vehicles with missiles and over 40 petrol bombs.”

Two young people sustained burn injuries while attempting to attack the police, though no officers were injured. Police believe the device was destined to be used against their officers as part of the ongoing campaign launched by the New IRA. 

The incident comes just days after an IED made with a mortar shell was placed underneath a car parked near a police station in Strabane, Tyrone on Saturday.

This has something to do with Brexit and the whole hard border debate.

But I’m sure there’s more to the whole situation than that, but the reporting is sparse at this point, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, Sinn Fein is doing its utmost to fill up the rest of Ireland with brown people. They have a gay pajeet Prime Minister, for heck’s sake.

Now, I do not know what these kids are throwing bombs at the police for, but I do think that they have internet in Northern Ireland and I’m one of those rare people who is willing to openly state that the Irish are actually White as well.

So let’s put this all together: 

Memes+Zoomers+Molotovs+Mass Migration mean that this thing has the potential to be interesting. I just have to wonder out loud: do any Zoomers really care about the whole Loyalist vs Republican thing? Catholic vs Protestant? Irish vs Scots-Irish?

Maybe these kids just like throwing bombs at the police.

But you would think that they’d start talking to their elder handlers and start asking them questions like, “yeah, OK, fuck the UK we get that, sure… but what are we going to do about all these niggers taking over our country?”

Meanwhile, the memes are already pretty lit, and there’s no way that these people are not seeing the same stuff that I’m seeing when I type “IRA memes” in the images search.

A few memes shaming them for being cucks on race would go a long way – because I have not heard anything about the mass replacement agenda coming out of these guys as of yet.

It’s just weird to have young White guys in a guerrilla movement in 2019 and not be doing it to fight the Jews, you know? The Irish High Kings were some of the only leaders in Europe who stood up to the Jews and refused them entry into Ireland.

Now though… like, what is even the point? Both London and Dublin are multi-kulti trash pits run by the Jews. Meanwhile, both Ireland and the UK allow millions of brown people in to replace the natives. So clearly, this isn’t an Anglo vs Irish fight anymore. You can get back to that later.

There are more pressing problems to address now.

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