North Koreans Allegedly Fire Shots at South Koreans in DMZ

I feel pretty strongly that a war with China would be kicked off on the Korean peninsula. This sort of news story is disturbing, regardless of what it actually means.


North and South Korea have exchanged gunfire in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) which divides the two countries.

Seoul’s military said shots from the North hit a South Korean guard post in the central border town of Cheorwon.

It said it returned fire and delivered a warning announcement. There are no reports of injuries.

Such incidents across the world’s most heavily fortified border are rare – the last occurred in 2017. It is not clear what led the North to open fire.

Military officials in the South say there was no sign of unusual troop movements. They are trying to find out if this was an accident or deliberate.

All kinds of different things could have happened here. It could be a hoax, it could be the result of some kind of spycraft by the West, or it could just be North Korea opening fire for no clear reason, as is being reported.

I’m very tired of being told that I am a shill for the Chinese for simply saying that we should not have a war with them. Surely, there is a way to have this conversation without accusing me of being a Chinese shill.

Right now, the media and the State Department are ratcheting up hatred for the Chinese, which is not hard to do, as people tend to dislike the Chinese because they eat dogs, spit in elevators and speak much too loudly in public. However, no issue relating to the Chinese as an enemy is serious. Everything that the Chinese have done which was ostensibly against the West was done either in response to some weird thing the West did or with the blessings of the West.

The governments of the West offered them our manufacturing. They did not sneak into our countries and steal our factories. All of the complaints about cheap products, trade imbalances, etc. etc. etc. stem from the decisions made by the US government to give them all of our industry.

Most of the rest of these issues are just dumb liberal gibberish, or neocon nonsense, to wit:

  1. China abuses Moslems (who cares?)
  2. China should respect Taiwan (who cares?)
  3. China should relinquish claim to the South China Sea (who cares?)
  4. China is mean to black people (who cares?)
  5. China doesn’t respect Hong Kong democracy (who cares?)

The newest issue, of course, is that China created the coronavirus. That is dumb. I haven’t seen real evidence that it came from eating bats, nor have I seen any evidence that it came from a Wuhan lab.

This is all just a lot of noise. Even if you had definitive evidence that China had done something like this, which I can promise you won’t ever be presented, it would still be against the interests of the people of this country to go to war with the Chinese, and the proper response would be to pull our factories.

What appears to have happened is that China was intended to be the global manufacturing base of the New World Order, as the Chinese were considered ideal peasants who will work themselves to death. Then the Chinese took that power that they had and transformed themselves into a superpower. They were never intended to be a superpower, as they are a nationalist country that is exploiting globalism for their national interest.

You can go through all of this, but the bottom line is that the American people do not benefit in any way from a war with China. The US Government is going to try to start a war with China because as long as China remains a nationalist state, a true New World Order is impossible. More immediately, major war is the only possible way they are going to pull the West out of the economic collapse they’ve created.

They’ve already shown the kind of thing they’re going to do to get liberals on-board with this agenda with their bizarre thing about how China is racist to blacks, which CNN has been playing up.

Plus I have a pretty good idea as to how they are going to sell this agenda to right wingers…