North Korea Slams Israel for Killing the Bud-Like Children Yet to be Bloomed

North Korea is once again going it alone in standing up for justice in the world.

They have had enough of the Jews and their murder machine.

Times of News:

North Korea Has Condemned Israel For Turning The Gaza Strip “Into A Huge Human Slaughterhouse And Place Of Massacring Children” After The Latest Violent Conflict Between Jerusalem And Hamas.

In A Statement On Friday, The North Korean Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Said “Israel’s Horrific Crime Of Killing The Bud-Like Children, Yet To Be Bloomed, Is A Severe Challenge To The Future Of Humankind And A Crime Against Humanity.”

“It Is No Exaggeration To Say That The Whole Gaza Strip Has Turned Into A Huge Human Slaughterhouse And A Place Of Massacring Children,” The Ministry Continued. “Soon After The End Of The Bombardment, [Israel Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu And The Israeli Authorities Are Trying To Conceal Their Crime Of Killing Even The Children.”

It Added That International News Outlets Are “Strongly Condemning Israel For Continuing To Massacre Children, Pointing At Israel As A Culprit Of Expulsion Of Palestinians, Illegal Settlement Expansion And Sowing The Seeds Of Hatred By Suppressing Their Peaceful Praying Ceremony.”

The Hermit Kingdom’s Remarks Came On June 4, Which The United Nations Designated As The International Day Of Innocent Children Victims Of Aggression, To Mark Israel’s “Acts Of Aggression” Against A “Great Number Of Innocent Palestinian And Lebanese Children Victims” In August 1982.

Joe Biden certainly won’t make any similar statement, despite the fact that most of his own voters are Moslems.

Joe Biden said he has an “agenda” for the Moslem community, but they are now finding out that this “agenda” is a slaughter.

The values of the masses of normal people align with the values of North Korea, which is why Kim Jong-un should be at the forefront of a global people’s movement against Jews.