North Korea Pushes Back Against Joe Biden’s Unhinged Aggression

We focus a lot on how Joe Biden is attempting to start wars with Russia and China. Sometimes, we remember that he’s trying to start a war with Iran.

We forget that he’s also trying to start a war with North Korea.

He recently threatened the Norks.

They’re not happy about that.


North Korea warned the United States it will face a “crisis beyond control in the near future” and accused South Korea of carrying out an “intolerable provocation” against Pyongyang in a series of statements released Sunday, comments that could set the stage for a showdown between the three countries.

In one statement, North Korea chided US President Joe Biden for saying, in a speech to Congress Thursday, Pyongyang’s nuclear program presents “a serious threat to America’s security and world security.”

A separate statement accused the US of engaging in “political chicanery” last week, when the State Department called North Korea “one of the most repressive and totalitarian states in the world.”

I’m so sick of this.

Even if you thought in 2019 that China or North Korea was “repressive,” you cannot make those claims now.

North Korea is not doing masks, they’re not destroying the society, they’re not preventing people from working.

The United States is now the single most repressive state that has ever existed, just based on Virus Law.

Now, of course, the Biden Government is arresting and torturing dissidents. They just put Nick Fuentes on the No-Fly List. The feds just raided Rudy Giuliani’s house on a trumped-up process crime.

This “we’re a freedom country bringing freedom to the oppressed” is a totally unhinged, insane lie.

And a third statement attributed to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, warned South Korea would face consequences after North Korean defectors used balloons to send leaflets into North Korean territory.

Yes, and Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones get the same treatment as ballooners.

Worse treatment.

And what we’re saying is actually true, unlike South Korean ballooners.

The comments come after Biden’s press secretary said Friday the administration had completed a months-long policy review on North Korea. Washington plans to pursue a “calibrated, practical approach” that differs from the Trump administration’s strategy of pursuing a grand bargain or the Obama administration’s focus on “strategic patience.”

This dead-eyed bitch sure does like war.

But even when she’s talking about breaking the backs of foreign nations who have done nothing wrong, her voice sure does sound sweet.

The fact is, life in North Korea is great, and I wish I lived there.

I see the fun times of North Korea, and I think of this: