North Korea Just Nuked America While Singing a Great Song!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017

So, while in the middle of singing a great, great song, North Korea went ahead and nuked America.

This is really too bad, though I’m glad they did it with such style.

Oh wait, my bad – news coming in – apparently, that video is inaccurate.

At least according the the Washington Post:

North Korean propaganda is many things, but it’s not subtle.

Case in point: A new video, unveiled at a recent musical performance in honor of Kim Il Sung, shows missiles leaving a U.S. city in flames. In the footage, a handful of missiles arc over the Pacific, then explode into a giant fireball. It ends with a burning American flag, superimposed over a cemetery of white crosses.

“When the performance was over, all the performers and participants in the military parade broke into enthusiastic cheers of ‘hurrah!’ ” the state-run KCNA news agency reported. Kim Jong Un smiled and waved afterward.

The clip was shown during a performance by North Korea’s “state merited chorus” Sunday. Their concert included songs with such lyrics as “our proud Hwasong rocket blasts off” and “flies as quickly as a flash of lightning to challenge imperialism,” according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.


Not sure.

As a rule, North Korea is a much more legitimate source of news than the Washington Post, so please, if you are in an American city, go check and see if you’ve been nuked and report back in the comments section.

As far as North Korea’s propaganda – it’s generally top-notch and factual.

For instance, they depict the American military as being controlled by a bunch of psychopathic hook-nosed Jews.

I guess that’s why the Jews Seth Rogan and James Franco saw fit to make a movie mocking him.

Also, while we’re on the topic of North Korea and Jews, the “American” disrespectful vandal who was sentenced to fifteen years hard labor was a Jew, Otto Warmbier.

He is a crybaby faggot.

What a disgusting little pussy.

Look, I’m not even saying I wouldn’t possibly cry if I was sentenced to fifteen years in a labor camp for stealing a poster – but I sure as hell wouldn’t do it in public. He was representing America. What did he think the proud people of North Korea would have more respect for him if he started crying?

More than likely they were just going to let him go with a $150 fine and then they saw this and they were like “wow this disgusting faggot needs to go to a camp.”

What’s worse, they talk about this guy like he’s a Christian in all the media – you have to go to this University of Virginia Jew site to find he’s Jew.

Enough, enough with this rambling, nonsense article. I’m boring my own self with this gibberish.

The point is: North Korea is a stupid topic.

They can’t send any nukes or even missiles without China’s permission. North Korea is a puppet state of China and China has backdoors on all their digital systems, which is why their last launch “failed” – China switched it off.

There is no way in hell China would let them have control over their own missiles. Everything North Korea does is just China using a sockpuppet to threaten their enemies.

North Korea produces nothing at all. These people can’t even grow rice. It all comes from China.

But for whatever reason, people continue to treat this puppet state as if it is an independent entity run by Kim alone. It is childish and ridiculous. There is no “North Korean threat,” there is just China trolling people with their sockpuppet.

And none of it will ever amount to anything. There is no way anything is going to happen, unless someone else provokes it.