North Korea Allegedly Advises Soldiers to Up Their Rabbit Breeding Efforts

This report comes from an anti-North Korea website, and you never know what is true and what isn’t with these sites. Some of their information they no doubt just fabricate whole cloth.

However, I hope this is true, as it is profoundly wise.

Daily NK:

North Korean military authorities recently handed down an order to soldiers and their families to raise more rabbits and, in an unprecedented move, included a specific number of rabbits each soldier and family should breed.

According to a military source in the country on June 7, the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces (MPAF) ordered that each soldier must breed “1.5 rabbits of at least 3.5 kilograms.” The order instructed the households of each soldier to “breed 15 rabbits” while stating that an “evaluation” of their progress in raising the rabbits would be held at an unspecified date before late August.

Given that summer military drills began on July 1, the new order is expected to place a significant burden on soldiers. A company of 130 soldiers, for example, would have to breed at least 195 large rabbits in addition to participating in military drills.

Indeed, since the order was handed down, soldiers have been tasked with expanding the number of rabbit cages, boosting rabbit numbers and obtaining rabbit food. All of this has eaten up much of their rest time.

“Soldiers carry out their duties and training in the morning, then have to head into the hills to pick acacia leaves and clover for an hour before they can rest,” the source told Daily NK.

The families of soldiers, for their part, are already busily preparing food for a weekly holiday honoring soldiers (“The Day of the Soldier,” which is held on Sundays during the summer military drills period). The new order means they all have to find time to raise 15 rabbits.

Meanwhile, the military’s internal politburo, the General Political Bureau (GPB), is intensifying efforts to paint the new order as a way to carry out North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s directive to raise more grass-eating animals (with the aim of inexpensively acquiring more meat to eat).

We should all be breeding rabbits in the West, and our governments should be instructing us on how to do so.

Yes, North Korea is a poor country, primarily because of 70 years of sanctions and also because communism doesn’t really work very well as an economic system. However, soon enough, we’re all going to be that poor, and we’d do much better if we knew a thing or two about breeding rabbits – I can tell you this much.

Rabbits are very easy to breed as, like black people, the only thing they are interested in doing is having sex.

They eat grass, which means if you have grass, you don’t have to provide them with another food source.

Their meat is delicious.

Basically, any chicken recipe can be applied to rabbit, but the meat is much more tender and juicy and flavorful.

It’s a win-win, all around, and we should all be breeding rabbits already.