Northern Irish Scream “War Criminal” at War Criminal Hillary Clinton

What in the friggin heck?

I’m old enough to remember when Americans were against American war criminals.

Calling George Bush a war criminal was a big movement.

But Obama was black and Hillary was a woman, so people just decided war crimes are good, I guess.

It’s hard to understand American politics as anything other than a sports match type situation.


Former US top diplomat and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became the first female chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast, but her triumphant entrance was picketed by hecklers branding her as a “war criminal.”

Clinton was inaugurated on Friday as the first-ever female chancellor of Queen’s, a public university dating back to the 1840s. She was actually appointed to the five-year term in 2020, but her installation was delayed on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cries of “Shame on Queen’s! Shame on you!” and “War criminal! Out! Out! Out!” could be heard from protesters outside the university’s gates as Clinton made her way into the building, a little girl following behind, carrying her cape.

“We are delighted that Secretary Clinton has been able to travel to Belfast to be formally installed as the university’s 11th chancellor,” said Ian Greer, the president and vice-chancellor who actually runs Queen’s on a daily basis. He called Clinton “an internationally recognised public servant who has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to Northern Ireland.”

“She has an enormous amount to offer the university and will continue to work as a key advocate for Queen’s on the international stage.”

By doing what?

What has this woman accomplished in her life, other than:

  • Being the wife of a president
  • Organizing the botched destruction of Libya
  • Running the worst presidential campaign in American history?

I wonder if she enjoys being called a “war criminal”?

She probably thinks it’s funny.

She’s infamously laughed about killing the leader of Libya for no clear reason (and completely destabilizing the entire region, ultimately creating a major migrant influx to Europe).

Women are really sadistic by nature. They just take pleasure in hurting and destroying. When you give them power, they become total tools of Satan.