North Irish Militants Caught Trying to Bomb the English – Because the English are a Real Existential Threat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020

It is shocking and frankly disgusting to me that there is a Paki sitting as Prime Minster in Dublin, and the Irish have the primary concern of attacking the English.

What are we doing here, boys?


Northern Irish militants hoped a bomb they planted on a haulage lorry last week would take a ferry across the Irish Sea and explode in Britain at the time it left the European Union, police said on Thursday.

Police first received a telephoned warning via a media outlet on Jan. 31 that there was a bomb in a lorry in Belfast docks which was due to go by ferry to Scotland from British-run Northern Ireland, but they could not find the vehicle.

The ferry sailed and arrived safely on the day Britain left the EU – an exit that proved highly divisive in Northern Ireland.

On Monday, police received a second phone call, this time providing the name of the haulage company the lorry belonged to, which led them to the vehicle which had never left Northern Ireland.

“They did intend, we believe, and they said, that the device would explode at around the time the UK left the EU,” Assistant chief Constable George Clarke told a news conference on Thursday.

The police said the bomb was planted by pro-Irish militants known as dissidents who oppose the 1998 Good Friday peace accord and have continued a low level campaign of violence.

It is 2020.

1998 is a very long time ago.

There are not any English soldiers stationed in most of the island.

What are stationed in all of the island are Pakis, Arabs and the blacks.

Ireland is the one nation in Europe with the will to fight – and they’re fighting the wrong enemy! Fighting for some kind of shit from 100 years ago that no one even cares about anymore!

Watch this video, you unbelievable cunts.

And then, you cunts, understand that it isn’t just you in this situation – it is ALL OF US.

Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox alike – the entire ancient race of Europeans is being ETHNICALLY CLEANSED from its own homes!

Get it together, paddy!