North Carolina: Black Man Shoots Boy and Girl After Arguing With Their Father in Road Rage Incident

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2019

To have civilization, you need a relatively high level of impulse control. People can’t just randomly explode at anything and anyone that offends them, otherwise no one would be able to function due to the fear of getting randomly stabbed or shot for looking at some neighbor the wrong way.

White people manage to contain themselves just fine — perhaps too fine — and that’s allowed us to build our civilization, great neighborhoods, and countries with overall great quality of life.

Niggers, on the other hand…

Daily Mail:

A North Carolina man was arrested on Saturday accused of shooting two children in an apparent road rage incident.

Byron Donnell Green, 41, was taken into custody after Surry County authorities say he shot a nine-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl.

The shooting allegedly occurred after Green was involved in a traffic incident with the children’s father, Craig Allen Sheff, in the Flat Rock community of Mount Airy.

Sheff drove the children to the hospital, where the boy was treated and released, and the girl was reportedly in stable condition after undergoing surgery.

Blacks have very poor impulse control. This nigger shot two kids because he had an insignificant road disagreement incident with their father. What happened here is not an isolated incident — just look at what they to themselves wherever there’s lots of them, especially in Africa.

They have no respect for the lives of kids and they don’t hesitate to kill and rape even babies.

This poor impulse control of theirs makes them violent and dangerous, yes, but it also makes them a burden for people foolish enough to help them because they just can’t stop reproducing.

The more you feed them, the more of them there are, and they’re all poor, useless parasites that exist only because others prevent them from dying.

Providing any kind of aid to these creatures because of a sense of empathy or pity means entering in a vicious circle of throwing resources away hoping to ease their suffering only to find that they use those resources to create more of their suffering, miserable selves.

It can’t be helped. They can’t be helped.

Their problem is not lack of resources or a lack of wealth. Their problem is what’s inside of them; it makes them unable to generate resources and wealth. They are incapable of being productive unless they’re physically forced to work by superior beings.

That would be okay if they were alone and on their own. Without our help, their numbers would be low and they wouldn’t really bother the rest of the world.

The moment we stop sending them money, food, medicines and vaccines is the moment their numbers will start going down. Nature will take care of them.

Nature and our girl.