North Carolina: Another “I Can’t Breathe” Video Released of a Good Boy Who’d Just Beaten Up a Woman

We’ve got another I Can’t Breather on our hands here, people.

This isn’t even cops getting charged with “manslaughter” – it’s the jail guards who were forced to deal with his good boy freakout.

They’re even charging a nurse!

For restraining him!


Video that shows a Black man in apparent medical distress repeatedly telling officers, “I can’t breathe,” days before he died in a hospital was released this week following a North Carolina judge’s order.

John Elliott Neville, 56, of Greensboro, also can be heard telling officers, “Let me go!” and “Help me!” and calling out, “Mama!” during the episode a day after his December 1 arrest. He became unresponsive during the incident and died later at a hospital.

Bitch ass nigga be need his mama. This nigga be sayin, “mama.”

Ass bitch nigga.

The five corrections officers and the nurse who attended to Neville leading up to his death have been charged with involuntary manslaughter by Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill. They have been relieved of duty, the sheriff’s office said.

Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. apologized to the Neville family on Wednesday, following the court order to release the footage.

“I want to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate the class in which you have handled the passing of your father,” Kimbrough said. “I have stood with you from the beginning and will continue to stand with you.”
CNN has reached out to the district attorney’s office and the attorney for Neville’s family.

So why was he in jail in the first place?

Well, for beating up a woman, of course!

Western Salem Journal:

The man, 56-year-old John Neville, had a warrant for his arrest in Guilford County on a charge of assaulting a female. Kernersville police officers arrested him Dec. 1 during a traffic stop, no force was used and Neville was cooperative, according to Officer Blake Jones, a spokesman for the department. The arresting officer took Neville to the Forsyth County Jail where he was booked into custody.

There are no details, but we can imagine the details do not flatter Mr. Neville, and that those details will be released at some point.

All of these I Can’t Breathers have really bad behavior.

George Floyd was acting completely insane when he was arrested, and already couldn’t breathe because he was having a fentanyl overdose. He was also previously charged with assaulting women.

It’s a strange bunch of heroes for the left.