North America’s First Doll Brothel to Open in Toronto

Daily Stormer
August 29, 2018

During the almost 4 minutes of research I did for this article, I came upon an unrelated but nonetheless shocking fact – Toronto is not Canada’s capital.

The only parts of Canada I ever read about are Toronto and Quebec, never this “Ottawa” thing that’s their capital city.

And that made me wonder- what exactly are these leafcucks hiding?


Toronto will soon be welcoming a brothel to the city, but the prostitutes won’t have a woman’s or even a human touch; instead, they’ll be hi-tech sex dolls made of silicone. It’s said to be the first of its kind in North America.

Aura Dolls will be opening in a strip mall in Toronto in September, with the website teasing the “world’s most beautiful silicone ladies.”

And now all the other sex doll brothels are gonna get pissed off claim that their sex dolls are the most beautiful.

Maybe they’ll start holding sex doll pageants, which I imagine will be the same thing as the real ones except without the retarded speeches about starving niglets in Botswana.

There are six “prostitutes” on offer, with ethnicities to fit just about anyone’s taste. Among the offerings are a Korean named Yuki, an American named Scarlett, and a Colombian named Jazmine.

Wait a minute… They’re saying that there’s such a thing as “ethnicity,” and that some people might prefer some ethnicities over others?

Isn’t that punishable by death in Canada?

Also, someone should tell them that Yuki is a Japanese name, so by naming a Korean that they’re engaging in… I dunno, some kind of leftist bullshit that’s probably also illegal in Canada.

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this for years

The brothel’s marketing director Claire Lee told CityNews that guests looking for a bit of fun will have their own room where a TV will play adult entertainment.

But just because men will be fulfilling their fantasies with a doll instead of a human doesn’t mean there’s not a risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

“We do encourage the use of condoms, just because we don’t want people to… there’s still a chance of getting any sexual disease,” Lee said.

Are you telling me you’re so cheap you’re not gonna hire anyone to clean them?

That’s gonna be a little icky.

I could understand buying one of these for yourself at home, but going to a brothel… Then again, any of these dolls, even after many years of use, is probably gonna get fucked a lot less than 90% of all women who went to college in an Anglo country, so it might just be better.

She continued to say that people seem to be welcoming the idea, which sprung to the mind of the owners after they visited Japan and saw similar successful establishments.

Fuck’s sake, why is it always the weird shit?

Why doesn’t anyone ever try to copy any of the good things from Japan?

Fewer fat women = less feminism

There’s no negotiation when it comes to prices, as Aura Dolls has pre-set rates. Half an hour will cost a patron $80, while an hour will set them back CAD $120 (US$92).

Customers also have the option of being with two dolls at the same time – if they’re willing to pay extra for the privilege – and anyone looking to have a regular relationship with a sex doll can sign up for a monthly membership.

“A regular relationship with a sex doll” in exchange for money is not something that would ever be imagined in a healthy society outside of low-grade erotic literature.

But we’re not living in a normal society, are we?

We’re living in Kikeland, where nothing normal is left “undeconstructed” and degeneracy like this is seen as progress.

I don’t blame the people who go to these disgusting things, but I do blame the (((people))) who’ve made our society the shithole that it is.

Never forget who (((they))) are.