Normies Voted for Trump for the Same Reason They Voted for Obama

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2017

Different approach, same underlying promise.

A lot of people have been saying that the Trump victory was a reaction to the Obama administration. Of course, in many ways, that’s true. Obama spent his entire terms attacking White people and pushing socially destructive programs, which naturally drove them into Trump’s arms.

But in terms of the normal White people who voted for Obama, I think their fundamental reasoning and instinct remained unchanged throughout those years. All that’s changed is the approach they feel will fulfill their most pressing preoccupation.

Normal people didn’t vote for Obama because they were “anti-racists” who thought a Black president would be cool and hip. Nor did his rule “change their minds” and make them racists who hate Blacks and Mexicans.

Everyone, deep down, is racist. That’s just human nature. Life experience creates mental associations, the mind recognizes patterns and influences our perceptions and behaviors. Regardless of if a person considers himself a liberal or a hardcore Nazi, they’ll still have an instinctive understanding of the difference between the races. Accordingly, the data on “White flight” shows that Whites flee diverse neighborhoods at the same rate, with no change depending on their stated political views.

The only place you’ll find no racism is in Hollywood productions.

So no, it’s not that America has somehow become “more racist” or whatever.

Fundamentally, what normies really want is just to live their lives in peace. They want to be left alone.

But as the Jew-leftist hysteria over “racism” became increasingly obnoxious, normal White people felt under assault. They were tired of being constantly shamed for being White, of being blamed for the poor outcomes of most Blacks and minorities.

Normies were sold a “Star Trek future,” in which race didn’t exist and everyone could just get on with their lives. They though that if the minorities just felt accepted or whatever, they’d stop getting up on their business and disrupting their lives through riots and anti-White propaganda campaigns.

White people just wanted all of this to go away so they could get on with their lives.

This, fundamentally, was the Obama platform. Or rather, it was the Obama dog-whistle. He implied that if White people voted for him, it would mean the end of race tensions and a fulfillment of the “Star Trek” scenario they were sold through movies, television and books for all those years.

We were told we’d be going on with our business of exploring the stars along with the minorities. Turns out we just got a never-ending race war.

Normie Whites voted for Obama because they thought it would make the hellish, anti-White environment disappear.

It didn’t.

It only got worse. Way worse.

So eight years later, many of the very same people who voted for Obama are now voting for Trump. Why? For exactly the same reason. They didn’t vote for Obama because of socialized health-care or whatever else his policies were. It’s Obama’s dog-whistle that mattered.

And with Trump, too, the main impulse that drove the normie vote his way was a result of the dog-whistle behind his policies.

“I’m going to make all this go away. You’re going to finally be left alone. You won’t be shamed for being White, because we’ll make America White again.”

This is also precisely why Clinton was so unappealing. Unlike Obama, she wasn’t signaling that White people would be left alone, but instead made them feel like they’d be nagged to death.

Who wants to live their lives with a crusty old bitch watching over their shoulders at all times?

You could say that Obama represented the “appease the minorities so that we can all live in peace” plan.

Trump represents the “deport the minorities so that whoever remains can live in peace” plan.

Normal White people generally don’t expect much from the government. If anything, they expect the government to be incompetent and a nuisance more often than not. It’s the minorities which rely on a higher power to save them from their own stupidity and incompetence.

So as a general rule, White people will vote for the party which they feel will mess with their lives the least, or the party which will protect them against outside interference the most.

Most people aren’t political. They don’t care about socialism or capitalism, communism or fascism. They just want to be left alone, as long as they have a place to live and food to eat.

And also, I guess, to have normal, non-political entertainment.

What does this mean for us?

Well, it shows that there’s a huge opportunity before us. The left has essentially locked itself on a course of messing with people, no matter how unpopular that is. They moved from promoting the “freedom to do whatever you want” to the obligation of dealing with perverts and racial aliens on whatever terms they chose at any time.

Since republicans and normie conservatives refuse to oppose them, this leaves a giant, gaping vacuum waiting to be filled when trying to appeal to massive amounts of people.

A simple message of “you’re going to be left alone, you won’t be shamed for being White, we’ll make all of this go away” would cut to the core of what White people want. Trying to convince people of accepting complex political ideologies or even politically incorrect ideas is redundant; to the average man, that makes us no better than the left, which is always trying to cram stuff down their throat.

We can’t lead the people, or claim to protect them, while being ignorant of their nature. And the nature of the masses is to be passive. Trump never explained complex political or economic ideas while campaigning, and the people loved him for it. He essentially just signaled “you won’t have to worry about this stuff anymore – I’ll take care of it.”

In any effort to reach out to the masses, we’ll use the same approach.

We understand the true worries of White normies, and can speak to them on a deeper and more direct level than anyone else.

This is why the Jews fear us.