Normie Conservatives Now Being Strong-Armed by Google Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2017

I haven’t ever been allowed on Google AdSense.

I have been banned from PayPal, Amazon and all credit card processors since 2014. I have been banned from Facebook, Twitter, etc. for about the same amount of time (I never really tried YouTube, given that it was certain I would be banned and it wasn’t worth the effort).

And I kept rolling.

However, they – that is, Google, in cooperation with various other multinational corporations and national governments – have now literally banned me from the internet, forcing me onto this pedoweb which you are now viewing. At the same time that they have gone to a level never seen before in history to silence me, they are also beginning to more aggressively bully normie conservatives into bending to their will.

The website “The Liberty Conservative” describes how Google Adsense literally scanned their page for wrongthink and demanded they remove it lest they lose their privileges.

Yesterday morning, we received a very bizarre letter from Google issuing us an ultimatum. Either we were to remove a particular article or see all of our ad revenues choked off in an instant. This is the newest method that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control.

Former Liberty Conservative contributor James Allsup was involved in the Charlottesville, VA “Unite the Right” rally-turned-riot that served as the catalyst for this drive for Orwellian censorship. Although the article itself contained no offensive content (it was merely distinguishing the many differences between the alt-right and literal Nazis), just the fact that it was authored by a man deemed to be an “unperson” by the corporate elite was enough for Google to target it for censorship.

The entirety of Google’s letter addressed to us is as follows. Notice how the descriptors for what violates the terms of service are deliberately vague and open for interpretation, giving Google an excuse to target any website or individual they so choose for any reason:

“Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance,” the letter says.

This situation is much bigger than just a few fringe political figures being humiliated. If they can censor us and target people like Allsup to be digitally scrubbed from the internet, it will happen to you next. A world where Big Brother is judge, jury and executioner is right on the horizon, and that does not bode well for anyone except a small handful of oligarchs and elites. We all must band together, eschewing mindless partisanship, to defeat the burgeoning Orwellian surveillance state before our rights are lost forever.

I concur.

We are all in this together. We will win or lose together.

In the post-Charlottesville world, everything is getting shut down.

At least, that is the plan.

Anyone who dares question the moral goodness of anal sex with men, abortion, mass immigration, the equal intelligence and capability of the fairer sex, giving opposite sex hormones to children, or any of the other tenets of the new religion of Jewish Holocaustism is going to be silenced. That includes people who only question it halfway.

NOTE: The alleged Jew Holocaust is the basis for the modern social and cultural paradigm. As such, the entire system can and should be referred to as "Jewish Holocaustism."

This is, of course, a process. I am getting the most extreme treatment first, because I am the person who got famous by rejecting the entire religion of Jewish Holocaustism. Now, the things that happened to me years ago are happening to mainstream conservatives and Christians. In a very short period, these people will suffer the same treatment as me.

This is obvious. Anyone looking at it with a clear head can see that this is something that has already been decided, and you are just watching it, like a slow-motion train crash.

What is shocking to me personally is that people many of the people who claim to be protectors freedom of speech are not speaking up for me. For example: Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux.

Jones I think can be written off for the simple reason that he never even pretended to be serious. His entire song and dance was always a kind of circus show centered around trying to sell people erectile dysfunction pills.

Based on this ad, you might think these pills are designed to make your head bigger. In fact, they are supposed to make your dick harder. But no medicinal claims. 

Molyneux, however, has presented himself as a serious person. And yet, he is nowhere to be seen when the biggest act of censorship in all of human history comes down on little ol’ me.

Of course, he is going to lose his YouTube channel very soon if something is not done about this monster that is swallowing the entire internet whole. Black Pigeon Speaks, who is on a similar level of dialogue as Molyneux, has already been locked in YouTube prison, with several of his videos being delisted and only available through a direct link. Of course, this is a process as well: eventually all of his videos will be in that prison, and then he will just be banned outright.

They will start banning Molyneux soon. He has no argument to stop this from happening.

The only available avenue of resistance is to attack the censorship at its root. And I am at the center of it. If people were to rally around me and push back against the idea that someone can LITERALLY be banned from the internet and forced onto the child porn web, as I have been, then this entire program could be pushed back until we can enact some type of government restrictions on these tech corporations.

And yet, Molyneux is not only refusing to address my situation, but he is deleting comments and banning people who ask why he is not addressing it. Both in his YouTube comments section and on his forum.

So, here’s the deal: go to his YouTube comments section and ask: “why will you not discuss Andrew Anglin being banned from the internet?”

Also, join his forum and ask. But when you join the forum, make sure your first comment is something innocuous. Not something about me. Because I’m sure the first comment is held for moderation.

We need to make Stefan Molyneux’ audience aware of the fact that he is nothing more than a fraud and a huckster. He is not a defender of freedom of speech. He will even go so far as to silence people who ask why he is not defending freedom of speech.

Because people cannot be allowed to trust that such a person will defend their rights when they simply will not. He has set himself up as a guardian, yet he is refusing to guard the most sacred right of the people. He is actively preventing people from knowing what is happening in the most important free speech situation in human history – a situation which is inevitably going to lead to the complete shutdown of the internet itself if something is not done about it.

And please: do not tell me “he is afraid of losing his platform if he mentions my situation” – I have not asked him to endorse my positions. I have simply asked that he address the situation. So, saying, “I am of course completely opposed to this outright Nazism, but if one man is denied free speech than everyone is denied free speech – that is the core concept of the need to protect speech” is something I would be entirely fine with.

This is something that Tucker Carlson has said at least three times with regards to the Daily Stormer on Fox News.

So spare me the idea that Molyneux can’t say it on YouTube. Many other YouTubers have already said it, and they’ve not gotten outright banned for saying it. Black Pigeon had already been placed in YouTube Prison by the time he mentioned me. Joe Rogan has recently mentioned me.

But Molyneux is the one who presents himself as a moral guardian. And we have radio silence. With the comment deletions, it is impossible to believe that this is anything other than malicious: that he is attempting to purposefully hiding this situation from people.


I have no idea, to be honest with you. And I don’t really see much reason to speculate. All I know is that it is happening, and that there is no excuse for the fact that it is happening, and that we need to directly address this issue immediately, in order that Molyneux’ followers and financial contributors understand that they are being lied to and scammed.

I let this ride for two weeks.

Tucker came out in support of me immediately. Others took their time, apparently needing the time to understand what had just happened: that in the United States of America, I had been banned from the internet.

At this point, no excuse explains Molyneux’ silence.


Here is his YouTube channel.

Here is his Twitter.

Here is his forum.

Go ask him the question.

Screenshot anything that happens and post it below in the comments section or send it to me on Gab.

Let us allow him to explain himself.

The time to choose sides was 2 weeks ago.

We fight for the future or we lose it.

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