Normal White People Banned from Receiving Medical Procedure in Texas

Well, the demonism just upped the ante to the next level: a government clinic in Texas has been confirmed to be denying treatment to normal white people.

This isn’t even the final form of progressive stacking.

The above video shows a guy calling the Tarrant County monoclonal antibody infusion clinic, and being told that healthy white males cannot receive treatment.

What’s more, Harrison Smith from Infowars actually went there and tried to get it, and was told he could not – because he is white.

The Tarrant County website also confirms that only white people with medical problems can receive treatment. Understand: healthy black and Mexican young people can get it.

In the call, the man on the line claims that they’re not denying white people, but that blacks and Mexicans are “at risk groups.” This is totally meaningless. The reason that blacks and Latinos have more diseases is that they are less healthy. Specifically, they are fatter, with fatness being the single biggest determiner of health outcomes (much bigger than being a chain-smoking alcoholic, actually).

There are not any health differences between healthy young people of any race, other than with relation to specific genetic conditions. For example: blacks are more likely to get sickle cell and whites are more likely to get melanoma. But this is not a treatment for a genetic disease. The reason they are doing this is to normalize the concept of a multi-tiered society with whites on the bottom.

Imagine that some white people were stupid enough to go out and get the vax because they thought it would mean they get to retain social status.

Monoclonal antibody therapy is a procedure to increase antibodies. It is being used in association with the alleged pandemic, primarily as a medical industry cash grab. However, it doesn’t matter what it is: what matters is that they are establishing the idea that whites can be denied medical treatment based on their race.

Steve Toth, a Texas State Representative, claimed that this is a federal government clinic and that the state of Texas does not discriminate in this way.

I don’t know if that is true or not – these clinics are usually run by the state but receive funding from the feds – but it doesn’t really matter. This is not in a vacuum, and is being directed by the feds.

Again, you need to understand: this is just beginning. We have a very long and difficult road ahead of us, where we are going to be maximally oppressed, both as whites and as purebloods.

We’re already at number 6.

The alleged president himself has condemned white people, consistently.

He has also identified the unvaxed as disease spreaders, going so far as to menace us and claim we are hurting him and all of the vaxed, saying “we’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.”

It’s a shame we didn’t get 1980s Joe Biden.