Nordic Resistance Movement Puts Arrogant Leftist Woman in Place

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016


Stoic Swede takes pity on Whining Woman realizing her defeat

The Nordic Resistance Movement handed out information about the ongoing genocide against whites in South Africa when a spiteful woman decided it would be a good idea to try to win an argument against the activists with her weak clichés. She promptly got BTFO’d by the stoic activist.

Crazy woman at 1 minute into the clip


Stoic Swede: You seem so angry?

Whining Woman: Yes I am angry.

Stoic Swede: Are you intolerant?

Whining Woman: No… I-.. I think that…

Stoic Swede: Are you a member of the Left Party?

Whining Woman: Yeah.

Stoic Swede: Haha. I guessed right on that one.

Whining Woman: Why does that matter?

Stoic Swede: Oh well, I’ve gotten the impression you are a bit intolerant in the Left Party.

Whining Woman: But what the fuck are you then?

Stoic Swede: Which of our opinions are intolerant?

Whining Woman: You think that whites are being oppressed in South Africa.

Stoic Swede:But that’s a proven fact.

Whining Woman: Oh but you, I know people from South Africa…

Stoic Swede: I do that too.

Whining Woman: Oh you do? Really now?

Stoic Swede: Loads of them.

Whining Woman: Yeah. Okey.

Stoic Swede: Those who live in shantytowns now. Are they the ones who get privileged in-…

Whining Woman: Oh you. A few years ago I visited the shantytowns. The second largest. And in there there lived not a single white person.

Stoic Swede: You’re a Leftist [member of Left Party], you are not interested in-…

Whining Woman: [Unintelligible nervous gibberish]

Whining Woman: You don’t think I’m interested in-…

Stoic Swede: No. You’re a Leftist. You only care about race-strangers. That’s the whole of your political program.

Whining Woman: Oh but dear lord…

Stoic Swede: Open borders and things like that.

Whining Woman: …come to your senses!

Stoic Swede: That is an established fact. Communism is internationalistic. Isn’t that right?

Whining Woman: No, not at all.

Stoic Swede: International socialism.

Whining Woman: Yeah, I am an internationalist. Not a nationalist. And then you should not call me intolerant!

Stoic Swede: But that’s what you are! Why are you so aggressive?

The treasonous train-wreck trying to trap the Swede in her weak polemics flees after the activist calmly tried to question her insane ideas. This shows that Sweden has a bright future as long as there’s still proud Swedes like this activist still around.