Nordic Resistance Movement Leader Gives Speech in Germany

Daily Stormer
March 5, 2017

Simon Lindberg, the leader of the Nordic Resistance movement, gives an interesting speech to nationalists in Germany. He discusses the growth and increased activism of his organization, as well as the glory of Nazi Germany and it’s destruction at the hands of the allies.

The NRM is one of the most effective organizations active these days. Their leadership is soaring, they’re staging regular demonstrations and activities and they’re constantly being talked about in the media.

They’re so effective, in fact, that the system is doing it’s best to get them banned.


Finland’s National Police Board has filed suit against the ultra-nationalist Nordic Resistance Movement’s Finnish chapter. The police board says it has appealed to the Pirkanmaa District Court for the shut-down of the neo-Nazi organisation.

Yeah, if I was a ZOG bureaucrat, I’d be worried too.

“We consider the Nordic Resistance Movement’s activities to be intrinsically unlawful and contrary to accepted principles. We consider this to be grounds for proposing the dissolution of the group,” Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen said back in December.

“Accepted principles?”

What “principles” are those? National suicide, ethno-masochism and a celebration of degeneracy, no doubt.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a multinational conglomeration whose agenda includes the creation of a national socialist state spanning the Nordic countries. The neo-Nazi group is openly racist, police say.

They can try to ban us. But even if they succeed, that can only make us stronger. As our enemies play stronger hands, they reveal their hostility to the people and make our work easier. It isn’t “organizations” that animate us, but a love for our people – and ZOG can’t ban that, no matter how hard they might try.

The rise of nationalism and populism is inevitable, and anything they try to do to stop it is only going to make their demise quicker.