Nordic Resistance Movement Hits The Streets!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2017

Nordic Resistance Movement has hit the streets recently in a flash demonstration.

As usual, the state arrayed itself against them in full force.

How average Swedish policemen continue to live with themselves without commiting suicide out of shame is beyond the understanding of even the most well-studied scientists in the field of human psychology. Some experts believe that this may be explained by staggeringly low IQ or perhaps just ZOG brainwashing.

Now, if you notice in the protest, the people starting fights with the NRM activists are almost all other White Swedes.

What does this mean? Well, put simply, it means that other Whites are the biggest problem we face in advancing our agenda. Hordes of ZOG zombies and the ZOG-bots that protect them (the police) seem to take particular offense at White people standing up for their rights.

Meanwhile, the New Swedes seem too busy collecting state gibs, grenading each other in vicious gang battles and raping White women to really pay much attention to these kinds of flash demonstrations.

And the police are not paying attention to them either.

No, they are too busy harassing nationalists in the streets, out there with battalion of coppers in full battle rattle and helicopter support. Don’t believe me? Check the video again.

Regardless, the NRM guys look intimidating, but also inspiring. They’ve got a look to them that appeals to  every young man who wants to be part of a White band of brothers and get away from his cloying mother, pissy teachers and beta peers.

It’s a good look, and a powerful message. These guys look nothing like the New Swedes or the Nu-Swedes that have ruined the country. These guys clearly stand for something, and it’s only a matter of time before more people want to stand with them.