Nordic Resistance Movement Calls For ‘White North’ Year Round

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2017

NRM has been really outdoing itself with its demos recently.

Some of the chants are pretty lulzy as well like, “where are the cat-ladies?”

Because it’s true. The fucking Boomer Swedes are a menace and always out demonstrating for more refugees, fucking afghan boys that the government pays them to take in, and just being complete faggots.

Speaking of faggots, the Finnish government decided to ban the NRM in Finland, which promoted NRM to protest them at the embassy:

Omg, they look like Death-Eaters! t. normie

And speaking of Boomers…

One of the best things about all these actions and demonstrations is that we quickly uncover realities that we would otherwise not have noticed. Like who is the most vociferously anti-nationalist and how the police really treats nationalists whether they’re “secretly red-pilled” or not.

This is all valuable feedback data for us.

First we gotta bring the cucks into line. Set our own house in order. Get the Boomers to understand that Ahmed isn’t paying for their retirement and if they don’t shape up, neither are we. Let the cops understand that they’ll be taking orders from us in the future, so they better watch how they treat our activists. And get the THOTs in line as well.

These are all our people and they all need to be put in place first before winter can come and we can drive the invaders out of the great White North.