Nordic News: Week 28

July 19, 2017

Another week of degenerate mayhem has gone by in the Nordic Nation, but don’t despair, the Nordic Resistance Movement is here to report on it. This week we also present a public announcement coming from Haakon Forwald regarding the demonstration in Norway on the 29th of July.

We have also had some comments on the choice of music used as a backdrop for the show, the music was chosen because of its high tempo which helps with keeping the pace when reading, it is also mundane, soft and lacking in lyrics which doesn’t interfere with the voice.

However people have found it degenerate and subcultural, which is also understandable seeing as Drum and Bass is heavily associated with the club scene and all the degenerate behavior which is connected to that.

So we have procured some new music for the next episode, more Nordic. We’ll give it a go and see how it goes. Make sure to tune in next week and leave a comment to tell us what your think!

This week’s headlines:

12 Billion NOK spent on integration program – had poor results.

40 shootings in Malmö – the police believe they are on the right track.

New age test results in 5 out of 6 invader children are not children.

The desperation in mass immigration – Denmark will send condoms to Africa.

Record increase of gender dysphoric youth.

Six Iraqis convicted of an honor killing.

Swedish border – wide open.

Important message concerning the Demonstration in Noway.

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