Nordic Frontier #35: Bugmen and #GBG

September 21, 2017

Feedback on tweeting – How do you like us linking Swedish articles in show notes and tweeting activist reports?

Andreas is recalling a signaling fest with suits and bugmen.

Jack hits a snag on his journey, stumbles upon Milo and Ben Shapiro.

Intro conversation about a Black Rapper hanging white kids.

Domestic news:

New poll out of Sentio: SD plummets and Social Democrats rise again.

Male Communist butt raped by knife wielding nazi.

TV license scrapped, Swedes are now forced to finance government propaganda through taxes.

Interesting drop-outs:

Birgitta Ohlsson

Victoria Kawesa

Resistance news:

Meet the Swedish Nazi.

About the demonstration:

Mitt Media with some opinions.

Extremist expert skeptical of censuring National Socialists.

Info for the Nazi Hate-Crimer.

Epic promotion move, a TEASER march through Gothenburg.

GP listens to Radio Nordfront.


Art of Noise – moments in love

Wardruna – Tyr

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