Nordic Frontier #33: Open Swedishness and Haakon Forwald of NRM Norway

September 8, 2017

Introductory conversation:

Sweden democrats deny biology.

Domestic news:

Some more juicy Neo-Swedes.

Developments around the Afghani sitting strike:

Principal to decide what parties get to visit schools.

Norwegian theme:

Talking to Haakon Forwald, Leader of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement:

  • How he became National Socialist and came to join the movement
  • His role within the movement
  • About the start-up and growth of NRM in Norway
  • The Demonstration of ”Knus the Homos”
  • Politics in Norway / the Election

Mr. Punk Rocker Dan Eliasson takes charge in Gothenburg.

Promotion video for the demo in Göteborg.

Website for the demonstration.


Tiger Lou – Nixon

Tiger Lou – The Loyal

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