Nordic Frontier #21: Green Party Insanity, Lying #BeardBabies and Crazy Horse Ladies

June 3, 2017

Opening Conversation:

ICA engages in anti-white propaganda once again.

The fact that Sweden now is a multi-cultural country, our masters has decided it whether we like it or not. Ads like these are now the new norm.

Domestic News:

New Poll.

Green party want, among other things, all the children of the world to live in Sweden, forever.

Medical tests show how 3 out of 4 Invaders pretend to be children.

96% of Maroccan Children are not Children.

Woman slept with under aged refugee, charged with rape.

IKEA murderer sues man for racist comment.

Law and order becoming a thing of the past in the Nordic Nation.

Crazy horse ladies gallop through Stockholm in protest against the patriarchy.

Resistance News:

Application approved.

Video from Örebro.

Activism in Market.

Phone Line.

Menual – Millions of Stars

Wardruna – Tyr

Point Number 08 of the Party Program!

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