Nordic Frontier #13: Feminist Cops, Feminist City Planning and Point No. 7

Andreas Johansson & Mikael Karlsson
April 8, 2017

We start off the first hour with reading out a startling comment that we had from last week’s show, which entailed our podcast sending someone to sleep.


Domestic News:

  • The video that has gone viral, depicting three female police officers getting overpowered by one racial stranger.
  • How altruism literally will get you killed as a young lady just showed us, by acting as an expert on human rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • People crying about the Swedish government sending home 20 Afghani Beard Babies.
  • We discuss how our feminist government wants to stop racial strangers from starring at women, by implementing some feminist city planning.
  • Statistics show that deadly violence in Sweden is on the decrease, so we can breathe out and relax while 18 women are getting raped every single day.

Resistance News:

  • We deal with the Jewish outcry at people putting our stickers on their windows and them blowing it all out of proportion. Now they are asking for a clamp down on anti-Semitism and for new fancy locales to be allocated for their tribe.
  • We discuss a recent activity done by the Finnish branch of the movement, where they with flyers and speeches pointed out the hypocrisy of the Finnish police.
  • We mention the Hero of the week and the Aryan ”Chutzpah” he demonstrated when he removed Lügenpresse from the premises.

Black Pill:

A farmer named Jessica has her animals violently bullied by a racially estranged family, while her own countrymen call her a racist for mention their ethnicity on Facebook.

Break Time!

Music on show:

Ocean Loader 2

Second Segment:

  • We read point number 7 of the Party Program of the Nordic Resistance Movement and stop for discussion along the way.
  • On certain issues we get slightly off the rails regarading staying on topic but we hope you enjoy it.

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