Nordic Frontier #03: Lauritz Von GuildHausen

Andreas Johansson & Mikael Karlsson
January 27, 2017

The Nordic Frontier invited Lauritz Von Guildhausen, known from TRS( and now The Daily Stormer, and had a friendly conversation about his plans going forward. In the first segment they dig into the past and origin of Lauritz and in the second hour they discuss intra-Nordic relations and how they can affect the success of the Nordic Resistance Movement in the future.

Sadly Andreas managed to record the entire show using his laptop mic which made his volume very low at times, it has been corrected to some extent but it’s not perfect. The good news is that Mike’s and Lauritz audio is spotless.

The Nordic Frontier is going to try and keep to a schedule from now on, so join us on Thursday evenings in the future. Stream, download, listen however you like, just make it a #NordicThursday.


Topics Discussed:

  • Defeatist comments on
  • The TRS controversy briefly summarized
  • The past of Lauritz
  • His relations to race realism and the JQ
  • His view on the Nordic Resistance Movement
  • Intra-Nordic relations
  • A monologue by Andreas calling for ”The End of Degeneracy”

Music in the show:

GosT – Cruel Summer (Fuckup mix)

Segment from The Crypto Report

Lauritz von GuildHausen on Twitter

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