Nordfront Website Publisher Prosecuted for Speechcrime

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2013

From the Swedish website Expo Idag:

Fredrik Vejdeland who is editor of the Swedish Resistance Movement website, will be prosecuted in Örebro District Court on 31 charges. Most charges relate to hate speech, though there are three charges of sedition.

After being altered of the site, the Attorney General made the decision to file a lawsuit against the site’s editor, Fredrik Vejdeland. The indictment is based on comments posted in response to articles on the site. There were several comments containing expressions such as “long live National Socialism” and various incitement against Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies. They are considered to constitute hate speech.

After the government approved the hate speech charges, the Attorney General moved on with the case of publishing seditious material. Three published comments are alleged to be inciting violence, threatening and encouraging the members of the Swedish Resistance Movement to arm themselves.