“Nooses” in Oakland are Actually Exercise Aids, Jewess Mayor Still Hunting KKK

On Thursday, we mentioned that the cops are investigating “nooses” found hanging from trees as a hate crime.

The Jew female mayor of Oakland is really on it. It’s been widely alleged that she is a ride or die bitch, and that she’s now riding with the blacks.

She plans to roll dirty on white people.

After Mayor Schaaf went full war on the whites, however, it was unfortunately announced by a black guy that the ropes are actually just exercise aids.

From the pictures that were released, this should have been obvious to anyone. Other than the knot itself, the rope is of the kind that is used in exercise.

Imagine a lynching with a purple striped rope. It’s a funny thought.

This “Jewish mayor” phenomenon has gotten out of control.

You know they’re all going to be on-board with abolishing the police…

Even though these nooses are a weird hoax, you’re probably going to have this sort of thing happening soon. White people are being backed into a corner, and those that are refusing to (quite literally) bend the knee to the agenda are going to start expressing their displeasure with being given no exit.

It will be normies that are expressing this, and they are very bad at expressing things. When they get to the point where they are upset by something, usually the only thing they can think of is killing people. That’s a big problem for a number of different reasons.

This has actually already happened, although the man appears to be Latino.

Daily Caller:

A Texas man was arrested Monday after police say he made racist threats against black people in a YouTube video, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Manuel Flores, 42, of El Paso was arrested in the Dallas area on a federal charge of making a threat over the internet after he allegedly posted a video to YouTube titled “N***** Lives Matter” and said in the video that his “dream” is to “take out at least 200” black people, according to the Western District of Texas U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The threats specifically targeted Black Lives Matter protesters. In the video, Flores said he will be traveling east on Interstate 20 through Dallas on Monday and dared Black Lives Matter protesters to “stop him,” officials said.

In the video, Flores is allegedly seen with an AR-15 at his feet, and he says he may have “500 rounds of something.” He then says “stop me, I’m pissed and I’m tired and I’m ready,” the complaint said.

FBI agents went to Flores’ home Sunday, where he admitted to agents that the YouTube account, called “Don’t CA my TX” was his, according to the El Paso Times. He also said he had “drank eight or nine IPA style beers” and didn’t remember what he said in the video, but told agents he “loves America and is upset about what is going on right now” and had “no intention of harming anyone but would defend himself if he had to.”

It doesn’t matter if he’s ethnically Latino or not, because he’s right-wing and this is the same response that any right-wing normies are going to be having.

While all this stuff has been happening around us for the last decade, and we here on this website have been complaining about it, the normies have remained blissfully unaware, and looked at us as kooks. When they start to awaken, given that they are not thinking people, their immediate response is “we need to start killing people.”

We saw this also with the coronavirus lockdown, with several normies saying they were going to start killing politicians.

“Time to start the killing” is literally the only response a normie has in his arsenal. This is where the concept of a peasant mob came from. You don’t have any “peasant political action groups” – politics are all managed by thinking people. Normies don’t understand or care about politics. They only care about their personal lives.

However, when things that are happening in politics begin to encroach on their personal lives, and they have no leaders – which happened with coronavirus and now with the black lives – they go berserk. 2020 is the first time since probably the Great Depression in which normies’ lives have been seriously encroached upon.

We in the far right have failed to create a platform to appeal to normies, so they’re not going to come to us. If we’d done a better job, kept out the weird stuff, came together and really built something solid, they absolutely would be coming to us now. I wanted to work to build something like that. But we failed and that just is what it is.

So now you’re going to see people go berserk on a large scale. Especially with Donald Trump bowing out and refusing to address any of this.

This is a totally controlled thing, where the people who organized the lockdown and the BLM madness know that normies don’t have any leaders and that they will lash out. When they lash out, that will then be used to further the agenda.

This guy says he was drunk and wasn’t really planning to shoot up a BLM rally. But at some point, someone is going to do that. It’s simply inevitable. Especially with the feds having so much control over the right-wing chats on social media. Someone is going to do it, and then that will be used as a pretext to take people’s guns.

We should do our best to reach out to people, to form whatever groups we can, to let people know what is going on and that we have a plan to fix it without violence. The problem is that we’re so shut out of the discussion because of the mass censorship, that our ability to do this is very limited.

How hilarious is it that these people censored us literally because they are trying to cause violence? After all of this time they spent claiming that our speech “is violence”?

Anyway. Do what you can. Get out there and get the message to the people, because they are going to be willing to listen. Tell them that the Jews are responsible and if we get enough people together, we can force a change without any need for violence. And most of all, tell them that if they do violence, they will simply be helping the other side with their gun confiscation agenda.